September 29, 2008

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Welcome To The Weekly Vice

Thank you for visiting this website/blog and taking the time to read this profile. We're glad you want to learn more about what we do here at The Weekly Vice.

Below you'll find some general questions and answers regarding the purpose of TWV and what it hopes to accomplish. The Weekly Vice currently reaches over a half million readers per month through website visits, RSS feeds and our various widget readers. Many thousands of other readers pick up Weekly Vice stories in local papers and social network sites.

We invite you to share your opinion and participate in article discussions. Opposing opinions are welcome unless you're rude - in which case two bouncers will kindly escort you to the door.

What Is The Weekly Vice?

Some have characterized the Weekly Vice as a vigilante Blog while others characterize it as a cross between The Jerry Springer Show and America's Most Wanted. It can be funny, strange and serious all at the same time. One thing it is NOT - Boring. You will not find whitewashed, moderated, glossed over nonsense news here.

Formally, The Weekly Vice was created on the realization that our laws have become so skewed toward protecting the rights of the accused, that it regularly tramples the rights of the victim.

While the jails fill up with petty drug possession charges, violent offenders and sex predators are paroled early, given house arrest or have their entire sentence suspended. NOT GOOD ENOUGH when it comes to our children.

We're here to ensure that victims of crime aren't forgotten and the predators who victimize them are shamed. We are also here to increase awareness of what goes on in your neighborhood, so you can keep your family safe. Knowledge is power.

It's a sad reality that unless the news involves Britney Spears without panties, the media is hard pressed to cover it. Other media outlets pick one story and beat it into the ground for weeks, ignoring hundreds of other stories that happen in your city each day. We aim to bridge that gap, bringing easily overlooked local stories to the national stage.

How Did The Weekly Vice Get Started

The Weekly Vice got its start in November of 2007 as a response to the Megan Meier Tragedy. Megan Meier was a 13-year-old girl who committed suicide after an adult stalked her using a MySpace Account. The adult posed as a teen boy, who would later humiliate Meier to the point of suicide. Our legal system refused to hold the adult woman accountable for her behavior.

Danny Vice began as an outspoken critic of the case, gaining the attention of the national press, fellow victim advocacy sites and thousands of readers who want our laws strengthened to better protect our children.

Since then, several writers have joined The Weekly Vice, devoted to exploring the social insanity that lives among us.

I Am Featured On The Weekly Vice And I'm Ticked! Can I Sue?

Every article is derived from sources such as police reports, jail booking reports and press releases. The Weekly Vice is not here to accuse you of a crime - we merely report what authorities say you did. And yes, we do our homework.

If you are innocent, hash it out with investigators in your case. If your mug shot is here, it really sucks to be you - however mugshots are not your property. Hash that out with your local Sheriff's Department.

Some articles have a section that is labeled the Weekly Vice Opinion. Free speech gives us a right to an opinion and a comment form is supplied so you can express yours. If you become rude and disorderly your comments will vanish shortly after you make them.

If you are found innocent at trial or your case was dropped by authorities, we want to know about it! We pledge to update articles where a suspect has been cleared as we become aware of them. If your case was dismissed, please email me so that we can let the world know of your innocence.

If you own an image or form that's been featured here - and can show that you indeed own it, I'll be happy to remove it or provide credit to you.

Contact Danny Vice


For those who want to give Danny Vice a piece of your mind in private, your emails are welcome. Feel free to email intelligent comments and you will almost always get a response. Email a bunch of raving lunatic blather and you'll get ignored.

If you send an email to Danny Vice - just know that every email is personally read and responded to. If you don't hear back from Danny Vice within 3 days, chances are your email was never received or made it into a spam/junk email folder somehow. Please resubmit your email.

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Danny Vice

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Anonymous said...

well said...


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work someone needs to expose these scumbags as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

You may or may not be aware of this case,but I think the case of Jeanette Sliwinski is worthy of a mention. Talk about a screwed up justice system. Something smells fishy.

Jupiter Gurl said...

I've been coming to this blog for about 6 months now and have really grown to respect it.

It takes some very serious issues that no one likes to talk about, and puts them into a format where people can open up and talk about them - without trivializing or making light of the case.

Whenever I am having a bad week, visiting this blog quickly reminds me of how sane my world is in comparison to some.

What a great idea.

Steph1974 said...

I found this site only about a month ago, but I seem to be turning into a regular. It's kind of like driving past a car wreck without looking,and I find myself agreeing with most of what you say.

BTW... I like your picture. =) Keep up the great work you do.

Earthling said...

Jupiter Gurl:visiting this blog quickly reminds me of how sane my world is in comparison to some.

What?! Are you saying Earthlings are much more wackier than our counterparts on Jupiter?

Thank you said...

I don't want to give my name, but I do want to add something about this blog that impressed me very much.

My sister was falsely accused of a crime several months ago which was featured all over the news and Internet. Her case was eventually dropped after the teen told the court the statements he made were nothing like what police blew them up to be.

When I wrote Danny to tell him the good news, he updated the article that night.

I wrote several other news sites. This was the only one that updated the story and it was the only one who even called or wrote me back.

There are still stories about her case floating around unchanged.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell Danny thanks. I was really angry at first, but it didn't take long to realize you are a man of your word. I no longer trust media in any way shape or form, but I'm glad at least one person out there does what he promises.

VixenVal said...

May I add my two cents? I just wanted to say that I first visited this blog about a year ago (before it got so fancy)... I've been really impressed how far it's come. 795 posts in less than a year? That's a lot of writing. Keep up the great work

Tich said...

You look suspiciously like a lawyer ta me... :)

First time at this site (and I've already started multi-commenting). I think it's very well done. And you write rather well, which is a refreshing - and rare - occurence.


Danny Vice said...

Hi Tich, hopefully your first time won't be your last. A little insanity helps keep you sane sometimes.

I'm not sure if being a lawyer would be bad or good - but I probably wouldn't want to write about nutty people if I had to defend them all day.

You are right however, I do have another career other than writing. =)

It's very nice to meet you.

Bev said...

Hi Danny, your site is kind of a favorite in our office, among a couple of others. We've had a lot of good conversations about some of the crazy people that you write about. Keep up the good work. This blog and morning Starbucks make waking up in the a.m. a little more interesting! Thank you.

Jennifer said...

I don't comment very often, but I read a lot and TWV is a regular Monday morning stop for me. A lot of sites don't update much between Friday and Sunday, but this one usually does. It's obvious you put a great deal of work into these stories, as they often times contain far more than the drab news coverage version of the same story. I can see why blogs are getting so popular.

tx915 said...

"Time after time, we feature stories where an adult has raped or molested a minor, only to be set free again in a matter of days, weeks or months. This simply is NOT GOOD ENOUGH."

Danny, I thought I was one of the few who noticed this "trend." Not to mention the parents who kill their kids and get off on "insanity." I, for one, feel the insanity plea is overused and totally abused, especially in those cases.

danzingdiva said...

I just wanted to point out something I've been experiencing since I started reading here. TV news now sucks. Either it's boring or I already know all the seriously insane stories. Sometimes it takes two or three days until they begin reporting it's breaking news.

So I have to agree with Jennifer. =D

Jason Andrews said...

I really have to admit, until I found this site, I had no idea of the frequency things like this go on. I have never EVER seen so many absolutely nutty people all in one place.

This site actually does a really great service in the sense that it really shows you why you have to keep your eyes open, especially in regards to your children.

M. Voss said...

I think I'm addicted to this blog because it's kind of like driving past a train wreck each day.

Honestly, I have never been very interested in crime stories because they are usually mundane and depressing. This site changes that, at least for me. This blog rocks!

juan said...

Hi guy i liked your site, nice postings. I'm writting a kind of sci fi tale besides a role playing group in yahoo and I'm looking for good female mugshots or pics about girls in prison outfit and shackles. could U lend me some? I liked some of the material you posted in your blog.

thanks and read U again

SandraD. said...

Hi Danny,

I found this site only a few days ago. I was hooked the first day. It's obvious you've put in alot of your time investigating, plus great writting and caring into this site.

I have to admit, alot of the cases i've seen on here have made me totially sick to my stomach. I'm completly blown away at just how many.. SICK, TWISTED, EVIL, GOOD FOR NOTHING SCUMB BAGS there are out there!!

Alot of these cases hit very close to home for me. I was abused as a young girl by my stepfather. He put me through hell for many years. Like most kids in that situation, I was terrifed! It wasn't until my teen years before I finially got the courage to tell my parents. NOBODY DID A DAMN THING!! "He got away with abusing me and possibly other children, until the day he died!"

Unfortunatly, we all know these horrible crimes will never stop. But because of sites like yours, maybe people will pay more attention to their neighbors, coworkers, friends, family ect.. and hopefully see the signs, step in and stop these heartless pieces of shit before it's too late!

Thank You!! ..And please keep up the great work!!

Danny Vice said...

Thank you SandraD. I appreciate your kind words very much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Vice..

Check out the latest on one of Wisconsin's Mayors.. What a siko.. RACINE - Racine Mayor Gary Becker has made an initial court appearance on five felony charges, including possession of child pornography and trying to entice a minor.

The criminal complaint against Becker is disgusting. It talks about a sexual encounter he wanted to have with a 14-year-old girl. But that girl was actually an investigator. And the next day, the same agent arrested Racine's Mayor.

Mayor Becker is used to a lot of attention as Racine's top leader.

But when TODAY'S TMJ 4 Reporter Mick Trevey wanted to ask questions this time, he just tried to get away from the cameras.

Today we learned the sick details about what Becker is accused of doing.

The criminal complaint says Becker had an Internet chat with a special agent posing as a 14-year-old girl. It says he told her "I would luv to geta hotel room and have lots of fun with u." He also asks her "would you date a married man?"

Becker allegedly set up a meeting with this young woman at Brookfield Square Mall where police arrested him.

He even signed a transcript of the chat while he was being arrested, admitting he was involved.

On Thursday, Becker's office at City Hall sat empty. City Council President David Maack is still considered the acting mayor until Becker either shows up for work or resigns.

City Administrator Benjamin Hughes says that hasn't happened yet, "to my knowledge, i know Mayor Becker has not communicated with me or personally communicated with any other City Hall staff members."

This all came out because Becker's personal laptop had a problem. So he brought it to a Racine City IT worker to have it fixed. That worker found a pornographic picture and reported Becker to police. That started the investigation.

Here is a copy of the complaint..

Mick Watson said...

Mr Vice. I just wanted to pay compliment to your blog. I found it while looking up a teacher case and ended up reading some 15 stories this afternoon.

I am very impressed with the level of detail and amount of material presented in many of the stories.

I'm not usually impressed much with blogs. This blog is worth visiting regularly. And I will.

sweet home alabama said...

I have been reading this site for about a year now and I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed this site very much. I like the writing and I like how commenters are treated. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey! I enjoy reading about these sick bastards out there and i like how you tell it like it is! Good site and thanks for putting it out there.

Lola said...

This site is very well run. Mr. Vice and his staff do a fantastic job of presenting important news in an insightful and frank manner. The site is organized and the comments are well monitored. It is not slanderous nor mean-spirited, just honest. Thank you for being a site worth reading. Congratulations on a job excellently done. :-)

Sam said...

I'd like to welcome Vanessa to the weekly vice... You are indeed a fox, Ms. Fox. Good job growing your staff, Danny. The other young ladies are pretty, too, but there is something so striking about you, Vanessa. Wow.

JuggaletteSTL said...

I love how all the writers are chicks. I bet you ladies keep Danny on his toes don't you?

I definitely agree. Wonderful job on the new writers. Everyone is working together beautifully! I think this is the best group of writers I have seen since visiting TWV, and that's probably because they are all women(lol).

I also noticed you all are under "google news" now. What an honor! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Excuse the dumb question but whats a social media editor. Nice lookin girl though.

Danny Vice said...

Social Media Editors typically distribute website content to news aggragators and social networks like Digg, Yahoo Buzz, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. In this way, we're able to carry our stories to places readers are looking for them.

And yes, JuggaletteStl, this is an outstanding team. I could not be more impressed.

martin9562 said...

dont know if you guys saw this but strikes me as pretty sick....

19 men rape 11 yr old girl in texas...not florida for a change

Anonymous said...

what is going on with you guys lately, it seems like the site never gets updated anymore

Anonymous said...

I want to know how to get a article removed off this website thanks

Anonymous said...

I am so sad you guys are leaving. I have spent so much time reading your stories and I just want you guys to know, YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!

Globle Apps said...

its really informative and helpful article, keep it up admin and thanks for sharing such a cool and nice posts.

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