August 20, 2008

Jessie Trojaniak / Tadeusz Tertkiewicz – Two Armed Teens Calling Themselves “Modern Day Ninjas” Arrested On Weapons Charges

Clifton, New Jersey (The Weekly Vice) -- Two armed teens, dressed in black and calling themselves Ninjas, have been arrested after telling police they were on a quest to rid the area of drug dealers and users.

Jesse Trojaniak, 19, and Tadeusz Tertkiewicz, 20, have been arrested on weapons possession charges after police say they found the two teens dressed up and armed with Ninja style weapons in a quest to rid the area of drug dealers and users.

Clifton Police were investigating a suspicious vehicle around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, when they came upon a disturbing sight. Inside a the vehicle, which was parked on Route 46 in Clifton, they found two teens dressed in black that identified themselves to officers as "Ninjas".

Also inside the vehicle, police found various weaponry that included knives, swords, bows, arrows, nunchucks, Ninja throwing knives and Chinese throwing stars, according to Detective Capt. Robert Rowan of the Clifton Police Department.

Investigators say the teens told them they planned to leave letters at the front doors of individuals they had singled out as drug dealers and drug users. They also told police that they only had weapons with them as a precaution - in case they were confronted by the drug dealers they intended to deliver the letters to.

Authorities found five envelopes decorated with Chinese artwork with letters inside that warned "Shinobi will stop your cruel and sadistic intentions with justified, yet merciful force!" The letter allegedly went on to tell the dealers that they had "committed sin of passing impurity" and that the "wind guides us to those of impure hearts and intent."

"Their intentions may have been good," said Capt. Rowen. "but we tell everyone that they shouldn't take the law into their own hands because it will cause more problems for everyone in the long run."

While both teens were charged with weapons possession charges, Tertkiewicz received an additional charge of harassment, reportedly due to a letter that had already been delivered to his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend.

Trojaniak was released with a promise to appear on the charge, however Tertkiewicz was booked into the Passaic County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Doesn't their age pretty much put them in diapers right around the time the Teenage Ninja Turtle Movies were coming out? I think we pretty much had this coming. It was just a matter of time.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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abrisgraffix88 said...

LMFAO i know those two idiots i went to school with them and i used to hang out with one of them... then he got weird. this whole situation is like the boondock saints meets ninja gaiden and they have a retarded child with downs

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! iwork with one of them, and he is a full blown WEIRDOO!! we alll just think that this is just the topping of the cake..

Sherrie said...

I graduated with both of them...well...Jesse actually...TJ got held back a year. Anyways both of them are actually my friends and I'm being honest with this...they're bloody idiots for claiming they're ninjas! It's funny though...TJ's first and last name are spelled wrong.

yelitzasayswatitis said...

Jesse went to school on the first day dressed as a anime character.....I guess that's where it all began. Or probably when he befriended the most dumbest person alive (tj is so stupid he got left back more than once). I can't believe they were sober throughout all this it would be more understandable if they were intoxicated with something. Jeeze they are so pathetic. Maybe being with that girl for so long got her twisted! Lmfao best news of the year. I have never laughed for 24hrs straight...ever!

Danny Vice said...

Sherrie, I guess I went crosseyed trying to spell the name, but I suspect it was originally spelled wrong on the police affidavit.

I've updated the first name, but can't find a different, more correct spelling for the last. Are you sure it's spelled wrong?

Updating the title link meant breaking the published link, so sorry to those of you who tried to find this page again and went to a dead link.

It's a good thing police put a stop to this for their own good. Jersey gangs aren't anything to play ninja with. They don't bring knives to a gunfight.

Sherrie said...

HAHA! TJ is stupid, yelitza. We ALL knew that from the start.

Anyways, yes I'm sure, Danny. Even though he got left back during senior year (the year that I graduated) he still showed up in the yearbook. TJ's last name begins with P not T. I guess because of the way he says sounds like a "T". *shrug*

It's is however good that they were stopped before they got into serious shit...but a little uhh....messed up but I might be bias about that since I'm friends with them...

Kowabunga Dude said...

They're teenage

They're mutant

They're ninja

Not exactly turtles...But,still a bit slow.

At least they're not intent on shutting down children's lemonade stands.

Danny Vice said...

I have noticed about 5 martial arts oriented sites that have linked to this story. Even coming out of Japan. And for whatever reason, this story is getting hit on several hundred times per day.

It would appear this story is growing some serious legs now.

A lot of sites watch this one for stories they want to post, so I wouldn't be surprised if this story gets a lot more attention before it's all over with.

Something tells me it just may.

Danny Vice said...

Oops, I spoke too soon. Now about 15 or 20 sites have linked to the story. It's hitting the marial arts forums now.

These two may just end up becoming the Beavis and Butthead of martial arts before they're finished.

TonyS said...

Better be nice, I hear they have are a lethal pair who have attained a 5th level pink belt.

If you're not careful they might bite your toe off.

Hayabusa turbo said...

Are you people so ignorant? These are true heroes along the lines of batman and jesus. You cant begin to comprehend their mystical powers and divine devotion to justice. Armed with only cheap weapons and hours of homoerotic ninjutsu wrestling they were on a mission to clean up the mean streets of america. They only got caught because the police were tipped off by a group of samurai who just got their asses kicked by these great warriors. I cant wait to train under my new sensei once their parents let them out of the house, which is a labyrinth of trap doors and false walls.

James Klaus said...

The funny part is that they were packing bladed weapons against drug dealers who are likely armed with a wide variety of guns. Good the cops got to them first.

Ralph Lee said...

So much for being ninja - they were spotted right away. Looks like these two need to sign up for a real dojo and get some real training first.

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