August 21, 2008

Heidi Dalibor - Arrested For Failing To Return Two Overdue Library Books

Grafton, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) -- Heidi Dalibor, a 20 year old Wisconsin woman has been arrested and charged after Grafton police say she ignored demands to return two overdue library books.

Heidi Dalibor admits that she ignored the letters and phone calls she received from the library concerning two overdue books she had checked out. She was surprised none-the-less when Grafton police officers arrested her at her parents home, handcuffed her and carted offending hiney off to jail.

Dalibor was arrested and charged on August 6th with "Failure to Return Library Materials". The cost of the book, along with overdue library fees were assessed to be a cost of $171.94 according to the arrest warrant.

Dalibor was bonded out and soon-after paid the library fees in additional to reimbursing the cost of the two novels titled 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels & Demons'. She is now the brand new owner of the two books she checked out.

Capt. Joe Gabrish said that officers follow the same procedure with every warrant.

A spokesperson for the library said a couple of dozen people are cited each year for failure to return materials or pay fines.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

We're glad that Wisconsin has finally rounded up all sex offenders, murderers, child molesters and other various victim crimes and can now focus on more serious public concerns like two overdue library books.

We're glad to see she appears to have taken it in stride though, even smiling for the mugshot.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Document acquired at The Smoking Gun

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danzingdiva said...

This really is quite stupid. I assume this a public library that operates on public tax dollars. You would think they'd take issues like this like all other creditors do. Through collections.

Anonymous said...

She's cute. Having said that... This should be a lesson to future and potential significant others...Don't let her borrow your car keys.
Don't let her borrow your credit card.
Don't let her borrow your compact disks/dvds.

Anonymous said...

Ya know,after perusing additional info at the smoking gun link provided...You couldn't make up this stuff. Along with the young woman (the subject of this post)others were given the same citation(s). The first guy is obviously a musician. Musicians never have money. Heh,A woman named Sinner and at the bottom of the page,someone didn't return a Jailbreak CD. I'm gonna guess it's the Thin Lizzy cd.

Anonymous said...

What she needs is a spanking. A good, long spanking.

MaxX said...

I swear I saw her in a Girls Gone Wild Video commercial. I swear it.

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