July 22, 2008

Nancy Bautista - Case Of The Backstabbing Wife Goes To Trial, Testimony Reveals New Details Of Rocky Marriage

Jefferson County, Colorado (The Weekly Vice) -- Michael Bautista was busy drawing up a property list for a divorce he and his wife Nancy had been discussing. The couple had argued bitterly and Michael had concluded the marriage couldn't be saved. His divorce plans were suddenly put on hold, however, when he felt a sharp pain in his back. Wife Nancy had just stabbed him in the back.

"I want you to feel the same pain I do," she allegedly told him as he realized a large kitchen knife had just been thrust into his back.

Michael tried to call 911, but the phone's were disabled. He attempted to call out on his cell phone, but she knocked it out of her hand. He begged her for nearly an hour and a half to get help. She ignored his plea.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," said prosecutor Elly Peirson to a Jefferson County Jury that will likely decide Nancy Bautista's fate.

Nancy Bautista, a 54 year old Golden, Colorado woman is on trial for the first-degree attempted murder of her husband Michael Bautista. The Jury finally heard from Michael Bautista, who testified on Tuesday about what happened on April 15th, 2007 - when his former wife Nancy almost took his life.

"I was afraid," he told the jury, fearing that he would go into shock and die.

Then, he told the jury, Nancy grabbed his wrists and pulled him towards the floor, telling him with an "eerily calm" voice.... "I want you to lay here next to me."

"She stood there and watched him bleeding," Prosecutors said in court. "He was begging her, please call 911." But according to police, Bautista bled for nearly 90 minutes before his wife finally called her daughter, who called paramedics at about 9:40 that night.

When emergency crews arrived, Michael was slumped over the kitchen counter with the knife still buried in his back. Doctors say he lost about 20 percent of his blood before help finally arrived.

During testimony, Michael Bautista continued to lay out the course of events, explaining to the jury how his 7-year-long marriage had fallen apart. He told jurors how the couple's love life had gone from unsatisfying to nonexistent. When he told his wife that the counseling session scheduled for the next day wouldn't do any good and that Nancy had turned into her mother - she allegedly flew into a rage. She pounded on his chest, threw wine in his face and tossed marriage momentos into the garbage....but then grew quiet again.

After Nancy seemed to calm down and became seemingly agreeable to the divorce, Michael told jurors he sat down at the computer to draw up a property list. Then, out of the silence, Nancy plunged a kitchen knife into his back, puncturing his lung.

"Her reaction was like a fuse that had been lit," Michael told jurors.

Nancy, was reportedly distraught throughout most of the day's testimony. She sobbed during the afternoon break resulting in an alarming outburst - complaining that Michael's testimony about their love life had been humiliating and that prosecutors were laughing at her.

But the trial of the backstabbing wife continues......

This trial is still hearing testimony for the prosecution and is expected to continue Wednesday. Here is the press release that was released by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept. on the case a couple of days after the attack.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


Jupiter Gurl said...

Yeah, I heard about this case when it first happened. I had forgotten all about it. It's nice to actually hear what happened. The backstabbing wife is very fitting for this case, lol. She is still backstabbing him

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