July 14, 2008

Kimberlee Cole / Joel Goldsmith - Woman Beats Boyfriend With Toilet Seat After He Refuses To Stop Smoking Crack

Fort Pierce, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Joel Goldsmith wanted his crack. So much so, he refused to let it go. So Joel's girlfriend Kimberlee gave him his crack. Right over the head with a toilet seat.

Kimberlee Ann Cole, an 18 year old Fort Pierce, Florida woman was arrested and charged with Battery after police say she hit Goldsmith over the head with a toilet seat when he refused to give her the cocaine he was smoking.

According to police, Ms. Cole found Goldsmith smoking crack cocaine in a bathroom within the apartment the couple shared with their 8 month old child and female room-mate.

Police say an argument ensued when Cole demanded that he hand her the drugs and he refused.

"She stated that he kept smoking the cocaine and went to put another 'rock' in the crack pipe." stated the arrested affidavit. "She attempted [to] get the drugs away from him and reached for them. Mr. Goldsmith pushed Cole away in an effort to keep her from getting the drugs," it continued.

It was at this point the argument escalated when Cole threatened to hit Goldsmith with a toilet seat if he didn't stop. When he refused once again, Cole let him have it upside the head.

Fort Pierce police say Cole hit Goldsmith over the head with the toilet seat, causing two lacerations to his forehead. When police arrived, they found blood on the bathroom walls, toilet and floor along with the broken toilet seat.

Police say Goldsmith had dropped the 'rock' he was smoking, which had partially dissolved into the shower drain.

Kimberlee Ann Cole was charged with battery while Goldsmith was charged with cocaine possession.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

There's nothing more humiliating than being pummeled by your girlfriend with a toilet seat, however, we rather like Ms. Cole's tenacity - especially since there was an 8 month old child in that tiny apartment.

Kimberlee may forever be tagged as the psycho toilet seat girl - however we understand her frustration. She's likely trying to get a respectable family put together, while he's off nursing a crack pipe. Perhaps a good crack over the head is what he needed, regardless of the charges.

Either way, it's obvious he was still seeing a few stars when his mug was taken.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


BatterUp said...

I know Ms. Cole and it had less to do with a family thing and more to do with a money thing. Mainly she was pissed because he's spending money on it behind her back. She's no better than he is though. Just willing to beat someone up to get her way.

the one said...

this is joel goldsmith how can you say kimberlee was just as fault as I was thats rediculus she was trying to protect our son and our family. wich by the way my family and I are doing wonderful now that drugs are completly out of the picture.

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