July 11, 2008

Courtni Lee Nichols - Barhopping Mom Slurped A Beer While Her 3 Month Old Daughter Boiled To Death

Clarksville, Tenn. (The Weekly Vice) - Courtni Lee Nichols, a 24 year old Palmyra, Tennessee woman has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder after she allegedly abandoned her three month old baby in a scorching hot car for hours while she bar hopped. The child was found unresponsive by paramedics and was later pronounced dead.

According to authorities, it was a dismal, humid, mid 90's day in Clarksville on Tuesday. Even conservative estimates would put the temperature inside a vehicle at about 105 degrees. In similar stories we publish, experts usually put the temps inside a car at about 20 plus degrees higher than outside temperatures, depending on cloud cover.

But when Courtni Nichols wanted to drink, she wasn't about to let a child spoil her plans.

Police say, Nichols parked her car at a Clarksville restaurant, locked her daughter Faith Nichols inside that car, and then ran to the next door bar where she proceeded to drink.

People inside the bar told investigators that they had seen Nichols in and out of the Yes Deer Lounge a few times during the afternoon. Nichols told police she had actually gone to two bars during the course of the afternoon. Police estimate the child spent almost 7 hours in the car as Nichols bar hopped throughout the afternoon.

Tragedy struck and police eventually received the call. An unresponsive child had been found.

According to witnesses, a patron at the bar walked out the door, only to return moments later exclaiming "call 911"!

Emergency personnel rushed tiny Faith to the Gateway Medical Center where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival. When Faith Nichols arrived at the emergency room, authorities say her body temperature was at 103.8 degrees (after riding in an air conditioned vehicle to the hospital).

Nichols has been ordered held at the Montgomery County Jail without bond. Her first court appearance has been set for July 16th.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Friends say Nichols was waiting at the bar for a babysitter. Another at the bar raved about how good of a mom she was.

Well, I take issue with both statements - as being a load of crap.

A dimwitted bar fly might tote a 3 month old baby around in a car all afternoon, leaving her to boil in 100 to 120 degree heat. But any reasonably sane mother wouldn't dream of letting that child out of her sight for one minute - even in a fully air conditioned car.

I don't buy the babysitter line of crap either. This barhopping scene went on all afternoon, and a babysitter has nothing to do with slow roasting a child while mom slurped beer like she was on holiday.

A good mother is good every moment she CAN be. Not just a few times when she's not in the mood to chug a beer. A good mother would rather boil in a hot car WITH her daughter, than to be without her angel for a single moment, not knowing she's okay - particulary with a newborn.

It just drives me nuts. The complete morons of society who have a cheering section around them of equally dimwitted cohorts who just can't bring themselves to call a spade a spade.

Courtni Nichols' thirst for a frosty brew murdered her daughter, and those are some pretty crappy priorities no matter how nice your 'friends in low places' think you are.

Since I'm fairer than most, I'll give her friends a choice. Is Nichols a good mom and just dumber than the ass end of a mule, or is she really a neglectful mom who's lack of care resulted in the death of a defenseless child?

There is no 3rd option. Stupidity or extreme neglect are the only reasonable conclusions here.

Rest in peace Faith Nichols. Rest in peace.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


Corrina said...

That's just disgusting. I hope she gets life and rots in prison.

unbelievable said...

This was like the 4th person arrested for leaving a kid in a car. Damn hicks need to be spayed and neutered.

Anonymous said...

i cant fucking believe this mother. nvm she doesnt even deserve to be called a mother. no sane person would do this. danny shes stupid and neglectful. what kind of "mother" would rather drink a beer than be with their child.... omfg she deserves to live in jail and think about this.

danzingdiva said...

as a recent new mother like her, I'm just too angry to put a tactful comment together about it. I'm so glad this article summed it up quite well. I watched a video on the case on another blog that made it out to be a big shock that she'd be charged with murder. Well what the hell else do you call boiling a child? How is it any different than leaving it in a burning building?

Jupiter Gurl said...

How could such a beautiful baby come out of such an ugly stupid woman.

fss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fss said...

Another white trash waste of human sperm. People like her should be the reason for EVERY single person to get psych evaluation before they decide to have children.

Anonymous said...

She should spend the rest of her life in prison with the poor dead baby chained to her or she should have to go the same way by being bolied inside of a car. Either way is just. She should be allowed to choose which way.

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