June 07, 2008

Verona And Ronnie Tortured, Beat And Burned Toddler To Death

Richmond, KY (The Weekly Vice) -- Perhaps life really sucked for Verona and Ronnie. Perhaps Verona just met the wrong dude. But when they got done abusing, beating, burning and smothering Verona's 2 year old daughter Callie, she was dead.

Verona Brinegar, 24 and Ronnie Lee Crabtree, 27, were convicted Friday of murder and 1st-degree criminal abuse in the death of little Callie Elizabeth Robinson.

No one knows for certain who did what, but when medical examiners finished the child's autopsy, they reported injuries consistent with continued abuse.

Police medical Examiner Dr. Cristin Rolf testified that the child died of asphyxiation (smothering), but that head trauma also contributed to the death.

The examiner stated that the child's head was covered with bruises and she had scrapes on her face. Additionally, the child also suffered from multiple burns on her legs, buttocks, feet and toes.

When police interviewed the pair, each party blamed the other, giving stories that were inconsistent with the child's injuries and each other. Brinegar told investigators that her older son hit the child with a crayon and burned her with an electrical socket .

Crabtree answered police by running away to avoid arrest. He eventually contacted a radio station announcing that he would turn himself in, barking orders about who he would speak to.

Nathaniel Johnson, an 8 year old boy whose mother dated Crabtree in the past, testified that Crabtree had once put a pillow over his face while they were at a hotel.

"I was smothered to death and I couldn't breathe," said Johnson. The boy went on to say that he struggled against Crabtree, but Crabtree had put all of his body weight on the pillow.

Investigators say that the testimony of Crabtree's behavior by Nathaniel and his mother Crystal Johnson were consistent with the injuries suffered by Callie before her death.

The couple's neighbor, Angie Burns, told reporters that Verona's 4 year old son told them what happened to the child.

"He told us that she had been shocked and that he had put her to sleep," said Burns. "That was his exact words, "Ronnie had put her to sleep.'"

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

The court might not have determined exactly who finally murdered the little girl, but it seems pretty clear to me. Sometimes children give the clearest, most honest answers of all.

It looks to me like Ronnie, the gutless worm that he is, punished the toddler by shocking the hell out of the kid with a power outlet. When that didn't shut the kid up, he pounded on the poor baby's head. When that didn't satisfy him he finally just smothered the child to death.

While the mother, who's obviously dumber than a rock, frantically went to neighbors for help, Ronnie was high tailing it out of there.

The mother is not of the hook though, because it looks to me like she lied to police to protect her child beating boyfriend. Imagine that - a man chokes the life out of your on child and you're worried about this worthless troll.

The murder charge these runts of society are convicted of has a possible minimum sentence of just 20 years in prison. It's really beyond belief.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


incagnito said...

I'd like to shove his fingers and toes into an electrical socket once or twice. what a waste of sewer space.

Summer said...

I'm so glad these two are behind bars. One of my uncles were in and out of prison for drug (only pot though) charges and he use to (God rest his soul) tell stories of what happens to child abusers as soon as the guards turn their backs. Boy are they gonna have a field day with this demon of a man!

Jeni Adams said...

whats sad, is i knew this woman and her children. i met her when she was pregnant with Callie and Wade was just a lil shy 2 yr old. cutest lil boy. and she was so sweet and nice. she had gotten laid off at the insurance place she worked at after she had the baby and i got her a job at my gas station, thats how i met her. but i knew those kids very well. Callie was the sweetest. never cried never screamed. she just smiled all the time. she made me smile no matter how sad i was. wonderful children... i cried when i found out. Verona would have never done that had she stayed in Ohio, and i wish she had cause i know Callie would be in my arms right now. RIP Callie girl, you're sorely missed but never forgotten Love, Auntie Jeni xoxox

Bingo Live said...

It is all for the best. That is my thinking. whats your?

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