June 15, 2008

Starkeisha Brown / Krystal Matthews - Lesbian Lovers Arrested After Police Find 5 Year Old Boy Severely Tortured, Burned, Beaten And Mutilated

Brown's MySpace http://www.myspace.com/gay_dream_girl

Los Angeles, CA (The Weekly Vice) -- Two lesbian lovers repeatedly tortured, beat and mutilated a 5 year old boy - proving once again that severe stupidity, hatred and sheer insanity does not discriminate by age, sex, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Starkeisha Brown, a 24 year old California mother has been arrested and accused of torturing her 5 year old son. Her lesbian lover, 21 year old Krystal Matthews was also arrested on charges of willful harm or injury to a child.

According to Los Angeles police, the couple beat Brown's son repeatedly. They also burned his genitals and then left the boy to marinate in his own urine. Investigators also believe the couple starved and dehydrated the boy in addition to suspending him from a door handle while they repeatedly beat him.

Police first became suspicious of the women's behavior when Brown and Matthews brought an alternate boy to a Department of Child Services appointment; trying to pass the boy off as Brown's son. As luck would have it, a neighbor found Brown's son abandoned and contacted authorities.

When police arrived to interviewed the abandoned child, they were shocked at the degree of physical abuse the child obviously had endured.

"In my time, I have never seen anybody with these kind of injuries that has lived," said police Chief James McDonnell of the Los Angeles Police Dept. "This kid must have a tremendous will to live to be able to still hang on despite what he's been through."

A physical examination revealed that the boy had been tortured so relentlessly, scar tissue inside his hand had build up to the point where he could no longer open it, according to McDonnell.

Police also stated that the boys teeth were broken and an exposed nerve in his mouth went untreated. Also, the boy appeared to have been punished by being forced to place his hands on a stove burner.

The boy was hospitalized and placed under close supervision. He has been placed in the custody of the state and will likely be placed in foster care, following his hospitalization.

Brown is currently being held without bond, while her girlfriend Matthews has been ordered held on $100,000 bond.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

In my research of this case, I've found that both women have criminal records and have actively used government resources of aid. I have also been able to determine that there has been previous court action against Brown involving child abuse and/or neglect in the past. I admit I have not acquired these records - and really don't need to. Her son's wounds tell enough.

My bigger point however is that social services has been deeply entrenched in the lives of these rat-hole living, child abusing worms - and yet no agency apparently had a clue about the long term torture this poor child was enduring.

At first we were going to commend authorities for sniffing out this case down at the DCS office - however we now know they had no part in learning anything. It was a concerned citizen that called police who made all the difference.

That's really the lesson here I think. You CANNOT depend on social services to watch out for these kids even when they are heavily involved in the lives of these slimes of society. As long as a child can still fog a mirror, he or she is considered a low priority.

This problem shows the sheer worthlessness and ineffectiveness of social services in even the most severe cases. In the real world, alert neighbors are the only thing that truly makes a difference between life and death for many, many children. DO NOT be afraid to raise hell if you EVER suspect a child may be in danger.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


Anonymous said...

This is Krystal's Myspace (after some browsing)

I cannot believe what people do to their kids these days! I have four of my own and can't imagine anyone doing this. This makes me wonder if forced sterilization isn't a good idea in some cases.....

unbelievable said...

I stopped wondering that after hanging out on this blog off and on. Now I'm convinced it's necessary in some cases.

Either that, or extremely long term lock down.

Give them the choice and I'll bet they would be happy to take the government assisted birth control.

Anonymous said...

Those are women? They look like two dudes.

they should fuck an explosive double headed dildo.

BOG said...

they are animals

Anonymous said...

These two monsters should be thrown in prison for the rest of their miserable, pathetic lives. they are absolute trash who needs to endure they torture inflicted on that helpless child.

camom1978 said...

Mr. Vice, I am shocked and horrified by the condition of this child, is there anything that we can find out how we may foster/adopt this child, he deserves so much better than the trash he was delt as a mother, and my family would readily except him.

Camom 1978

Danny Vice said...


Last I heard the child was placed in foster care. That's been quite a while ago now though.

But I have to tell you, this child's story is just so common - you could contact any SRS or family services bureau and find a very long list of kids who need good homes.

Many times kids are kept in group homes simply because there isn't a foster family available yet.

This was a bad case.... but I'm dead serious... there are hundreds of kids right in your county who have been through the same or worse.

You just don't see it every day because the media won't cover it..

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