May 01, 2008

Tiffany Shephard - Teacher Says She Was Unjustly Fired For Wearing Bikini

Port St. Lucie, FL (The Weekly Vice) -- Tiffany Shephard, a 30 year old teacher and single mother of three was recently fired. The Biology teacher claims that she was fired from her teaching job because of her 2nd job's dress code. Skimpy bikinis.

Tiffany Shephard, who teaches at the Port St. Lucie High School, says she was unjustly fired by the school. "They would not tell me why. I asked them straight out if it was because of my part-time job," says Shephard.

Shephard had been divorced recently, which strained the teacher's finances. She decided to take a part time job with 'Smokin Em' Charters, a fishing boat service that features topless or bikini clad charter employees.

Shephard, who says she keeps her bikini top on at work, thought the extra income would be a great opportunity. She would be able to make as much in two days of fishing as she earns in a week of teaching.

The school district claims that Shephard was fired because of her attendance record, however Shepard says she was fired abruptly after she took the the fishing boat job.

Shephard says that until she can get back into the classroom, she plans to make the most out of the fishing boat and instill some knowledge on those who come aboard.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

It sounds to us like the school had a Debra Lafave nightmare and is running for the hills. The school says they fired her because of her attendance. Nah, we're not quite convinced. Don't get us wrong, we aren't saying the teacher shouldn't be fired, if it's true that she missed approximately 30 days of school during the school year. Students get a warning letter after missing about 8 days if I remember correctly.

But teachers in Florida are being hauled off to jail for child molestation every other day and many of them are placed on PAID leave during the many months they are awaiting trial.

It takes quite a lot for a teacher to get canned these days, so we don't believe the attendance record alone was the underlying factor here.
Perhaps the old iron maidens at the school just had their fill of watching miss bubbles smile too much. We may not be right, but our explanation is likely to be closer to the truth than the school's.

Meanwhile, it seems the teacher was quite helpful in sharing photos of herself in various bikini shots. Not bad after having 3 kids we must admit. Either way, Tiffany, enjoy your 5 minutes of half-nekkid fame.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


Anthony said...

I just watched an interview of the woman. In the interview, the reporter asked about her missing 30 days of school. 30 days is a lot of school to miss in a school year. That is almost missing 17% of class time. Hell, if I miss more than one or two classes in a semester in college, I get one full letter grade lower at the end of the term. I think this lady was probably an unreliable worker and a dirt bag.

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