March 13, 2008

Kathy White - Teacher Who Had Sex With Student Walks - Gets Probation

Lumberton, Texas (The Weekly Vice) -- Kathy White, a 42 year old former resource teacher Lumberton High School has been sentenced after she was charged with two counts of having an improper relationship between educator and student.

According to Police, White had sex with a student in September of 2004 at her home and at the school. Police became aware of the incidence when the teen informed school administrators.

According to reports, police also received copies of emails White had written which professed that she'd do him [the victim] every week, because it was good.

So did the good teacher go to jail? Absolutely not. In a plea arrangement, White has been sentenced to ten years deferred probation and a $2,000 fine on one count of having an improper relationship between educator and student. The second charge was dismissed.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Texas, the state where some 50% of these teacher sex scandals originate out of must at some point come to terms with it's sex abuse problems. Giving one teacher after another a sentence of 'probation' falls well short of a good start. The Hardin County District Judge who decided this case should be booted for blowing tax payer dollars while perpetuating the problem.

Likening a sex crime to that of a common DUI or in some cases LESS - sends the worst kind of message to the community. It's no wonder Texas is a bastion for child sex offenders.

Besides, if the Judges would assess a little stiffer fine, perhaps the county Jail could buy itself a new mug shot camera that doesn't produce a 1970's quality photograph.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


Anonymous said...

Kathy White is a preditor and she needs to be stopped before she traps another teenager into her web. She has another whole family now the Daffron family and she seems to think was duties as a mother and wife is heres---U Have a family Kathy I told u two times to leave the Daffron family alone, and did you HELL NO, cause there are four teenage boys to play with. I hope u rott in hell. This lady should not be allowed to walk the streets of Woodville and by all means stay away from 602 N. Meadowlark Ln. The Daffrons home. I will not stop until u are where u belong-----JAIL.....

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