March 09, 2008

Arelia Margarita Taveras - Former Big City Attorney Blames Casinos For Her Spiraling Life

Atlantic City, N.J. (The Weekly Vice) -- Arelia Margarita Taveras, a 37 year old former big city attorney and TV commentator, lashes out at Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. Taveras filed a $20 Million dollar lawsuit claiming the casinos are responsible for her gambling addiction, destroyed reputation and recent conviction of grand larceny and forgery.

Taveras was flying high as a highly paid attorney, earning up to $500,00 a year. She decided to begin hitting the casinos as a means to relax. She became obsessed with the bright lights and began spending excessive money and time partying hard and often.

She was such a regular, the casinos accommodated her as a special guest, which included casino perks like free limo transportation and suite benefits. She loved it so much, she spent all of her money. When that was gone she began dipping into her client's escrow accounts to fund the high life she loved.

Taveras doesn't think gambling is much fun these days. She is now charged with grand larceny and forgery. She also owes the IRS $58,000, has been disbarred, lost her license, lost her apartment and lost her parents home. Hitting rock bottom she took the blame for her actions blamed the casinos for everything that happened.

Now Taveras works at a call center in Minnesota. Washed up and washed out from her high flying ways, she's ready to be paid for it.

Taveras claims the casinos 'knew" that she had a problem. She believes that the casinos should have stopped her from gambling. Instead of bringing her "orange juice and snickers bars", they should have kicked her out.

Taveras claims that "nobody in their right mind would gamble for four or five straight days without sleeping." So she has decided that casinos should pay millions to her in damages with the $20 million dollar Racketeering suit.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Yes, the woman truly is crazy. No company or person can force another person to start committing felony crimes. It's a real stretch of the imagination to believe casino workers are going to be authorized to start picking up customers 'kicking and screaming' and then tossing them out on their ear simply for frequently gambling.

But before you think this whole idea is out of the question, a lawsuit that centers around addiction has already been successful many times. Lawsuits against the tobacco companies also center around the addictiveness of the product they make. Casinos make a product of addiction as well.

Taveras would like to blaze a new legal trail that now officially says it's okay to blame someone else for even your own crimes. It may be far fetched now, but it may not be forever.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


ElfNinosMom said...

If she stayed up for 4 or 5 days straight, given her other actions, the woman might be bipolar. Bipolars actually do quite well in the legal field, because it is conducive to that kind of work. As such, she could have been acting strangely for years, without anyone really noticing because she seemed to be just working a lot.

Either way, I don't think the casinos should be held responsible for what their customers do. This woman is well-educated, and certainly knows the dangers of gambling, including the addictive nature of the hobby.

none said...

"No company or person can force another person to start committing felony crimes."

The sinister Scientology corporation can, and does.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know where the sources are for the link of bipolar and the legal field. I haven't found any studies that back up this assertion. Please let me know what they are. However, I think this is more likely a simple case of addiction.

This gambler said: "nobody in their right mind would gamble four or five straight days without sleeping". How about this: Nobody in their right mind would spend a half million dollar a year income on gambling, embezzle from client's Trust accounts, break her oath as a law enforcement official to uphold the law, lose a license for employment that it often takes people 7 to 8 years to be educated in, lose her home, lose her parent's home, and owe the IRS for back taxes! That's the point! She isn't in her right mind! She's an addict!! What part of that doesn't she understand???!!! A gambler in his/her addiction is capable of doing the same crimes as an alcoholic or drug addict when he/she is in that addiction. Yes, even kill for money!!!

Either she hasn't been to treatment, or if she has, she wasn't ready to accept and understand addiction. THAT is called DENIAL!!! She lived in the grandiosity of a gambler, there's no doubt about that -- acting the Big Shot, getting the perks, feeling "special".

I know many compulsive gamblers who used to gamble for days at a time, wearing Depends so they didn't have to leave their machine to go to the restroom, and bringing food along with them so they didn't have to go to a restaurant. They have gone through treatment and now live clean, productive, happy lives. If she doesn't make the choice to follow a program, she can stop gambling but will never truly recover from the addiction.

Everyone has their own bottom to hit. However, with the suicide rate for compulsive gamblers being 20 times that of the national average, sometimes the bottom is when their body hits icy water from a high bridge in St. Paul.

I sincerely hope she's ordered to treatment before she's sent to prison. Some judges have made the connection of bad checks, forgery, theft, etc. and gambling (or another addiction) and give them a chance to help themselves before paying their debt to society (and whoever they stole money from).

Susie Q

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