March 29, 2008

School Nurse Confiscates The Crutches Of An Injured 13 Year Old Student - Hillsborough County Schools Strike Out Again!

Tampa, Fla. (The Weekly Vice) -- The Hillsborough County Schools in Tampa Florida have made news AGAIN directly following three Teacher/Student sex scandals - all within weeks of each other.

Now the Hillsborough County School District has expanded it's lunacy - by confiscating the crutches away from a 13 year old girl who had been prescribed crutches and braces following a painful knee injury. Jeez. What are these jackass school admins. down in Tampa doing?

Here we go again!

Amber, a 13 year old student at Walker Middle School, in Odessa Florida injured her knee while kicking a ball back in February, 2008. As the day progressed, the injury became worse.

Amber's mother Patricia Elalem began talking to Denise Mckee, the school nurse, about making arrangements to have the injury treated at Tampa General Hospital.

Following the visit, Amber was diagnosed with a strained ligament, where she was fitted with an immobilizer brace and a set of crutches. She returned to school a few days later, when apparently all hell broke loose for little Amber.

On Feb. 6, when Amber returned to school, McKee the nurse phoned Ambers mother, asking for a doctor's note for the crutches. Elalem said she didn't know the note was required but phoned the hospital to have a doctor fax a note to the school. Apparently the school fax machine never received the fax, so the school nurse took matters a step further.

According to Amber's mother, the school nurse called Amber in and confiscated the crutches, requiring Amber to walk on the damaged knee throughout the school day.

"She didn't give her access to the elevator, so Amber was forced to walk up and down the stairs until about 1:30 p.m., when she couldn't take the pain anymore," said the Elalem's attorney.

When Patricia got her daughter home, and removed the braces, Amber's knee cap had been pushed to the side of her leg. Amber tried physical therapy, however it was becoming more apparent that surgery would be required. Amber received orthopedic surgery to repair the damage on March 13th.

"I was floored," Elalem said. "You don't take medically prescribed treatment away from a child."

The Elalems believe the lack of crutch support severely aggravated the injury and now have decided to take the Hillsborough County School district to court. Since it's not yet known whether there will be any permanent disability from the injury, the Elalems have not determined a dollar amount in the suit they intend to file.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

While there are two sides to every story [and this is the family's side], I'm afraid the school's goose is cooked if the girl was forced to walk even one time up a flight of stairs without crutches. Putting aside the fact that the school HAD to be aware of the surgery - Amber was absent for several days after surgery after all - it would absolutely be insane to expect the student to go even 10 minutes without assistance.

Sometimes, stories like this are embellished a little, but it's really going to come down to one thing. Did the nurse send the kid out of her office with or without crutches. All the additional he said/she said really doesn't matter.

If the allegations are true - this nurse should be fired and never given a job again where she makes decisions about student safety on her own. I'm not even sure a woman with such a lack of common sense should even HAVE a certificate - and we wonder if it isn't HER that should be sued.

We can't say we've ever seen an instance before where heads in a school district needed to roll more desperately than they do in Hillsborough County.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Dana McNamee - Arrested After Day Care Workers Find Bag Of Marijuana In Her 4 Year Old Son's Pocket

South Bend, Ind. (The Weekly Vice) -- Dana McNamee, a 21 year old Indiana woman was arrested on drug charges after day care workers discovered a bag of marijuana in her four year old son's pocket.

Day care workers at the Growing Kids Learning Center in South Bend Indiana were attempting to retrieve a toy from the boy's pocket. When the toy was pulled out, a plastic baggy containing what appeared to staff members as marijuana was found.

Staff members then contacted St. Joseph County police, who arrested the child's mother.

Police then searched the child's home, where they recovered 15 ounces of what was also believed to be marijuana. Testing of the recovered substance resulted positive for marijuana.

As a result, the child's mother is facing multiple charges that include possession of marijuana, dealing marijuana, maintaining a common nuisance and child neglect.

Sgt. Bill Redman of the St. Joseph Police Department said, "That's what's sad about this whole case is, you know, a 4 year old doesn't know any better in regards to what's going on as far as drugs are concerned, especially at that young of an age."

Police also arrested Danny McNamee, the child's 34 year old uncle. He was also charged with visiting a common nuisance.

The boy has been temporarily placed with the Indiana Child Protective Services pending a review of the case.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

March 28, 2008

Alan Hesketh - Pfizer Vice President Arrested On Felony Child Porn Charges

Stonington, Conn. (The Weekly Vice) -- Alan Hesketh, the 61 year old global patent director and Vice President of Pfizer has been arrested by federal agents and charged with receiving, distributing and possessing child pornography.

According to investigators, Hesketh posed as a 28 year old female under the name Suzibibaby, while trading hundreds of child pornography images that depicted children engaged in sexually explicit acts.

Authorities say Hesketh logged onto the account (the profile seems to still be active), from both his home in Connecticut as well as other locations including an i.p address belonging to Pfizer of New York.

According to authorities, Hesketh exchanged explicit child porn with another member who resides in Buffalo, New York where the investigation began.

Federal authorities first seized two computers belonging to Gregory Nadolski, who admitted to receiving and sharing child pornography with other members online. Investigators were able to trace this activity back to Hesketh.

Court documents reveal that Hesketh also allegedly discussed topics involving sexual molestation of children. It is believed Hesketh conducted these conversations between June of 2006 and May of 2007.

Hesketh appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Donna F. Martinez who ordered him held without bond. If Convicted of all charges, Hesketh faces up to 20 years in prison for receiving and distributing child pornography. He also faces up to 10 years for possession of the child pornography, along with a possible $500.000 fine.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Note the hair color Hesketh allegedly selected in the blond girl's profile. Duh. It's pretty amazing to think Pfizer is paying such a high salary for someone to be burning company time on garbage like this.

Guilty or not, the struggling Pfizer certainly didn't need this kind of PR. How does a large company like this go without a network which would filter these kinds of websites out anyway? OOOPS.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice
Credit to Dr. Peter Rost who presented the profile Hesketh is believed to have used

Yvette Starzyk - Arrested For Sexual Assault Of 15 Year Old Student

Aurora, Colo. (The Weekly Vice) -- Yvette Starzyk, a 26 year old athletic trainer and substitute teacher at Hinkley High School has been arrested and charged with committing 'sexual assault on a child - pattern of abuse' and 'sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.'

According to investigators, Starzyk allegedly had an ongoing sexual affair starting in 2004 with a former student who was 15 at the time. Police say Starzyk had sexual encounters with the teen at several locations outside of the school.

Authorities became aware of Starzyk's alleged behavior on March 17th, after school officials approached the school resource officer to report concerns related to Starzyk. The matter was then reported to police.

Starzyk turned herself in and was arrested Friday afternoon at the Aurora Police Headquarters. She was ordered held at the Aurora Detention Center on a $20,000 bond.

Police say they believe that there may be other victims involved with Starzyk and have characterized the case as an ongoing investigation.

Officials with the Aurora Public School system report that Starzyk has been dismissed from her teaching duties at the school.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Denver area prosecutors have been on our ditz list lately for it's recent bumblings of a couple of other teacher/student sex assault cases.

Taking on this 4 year old case is certainly an interesting place to re-institute it's sex crimes worthiness, however we'll see if they can hold this one together long enough to keep the teacher in the state and actually achieve a prosecution.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Tabatha Fidler - Gorham High School Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student

Fayette, OH (The Weekly Vice) -- Tabatha Fidler, a 27 year old health teacher and volleyball coach at Gorham Fayette High School has been arrested and indicted on a charge of sexual battery of a 16 year old student.

According to police, Fidler was arrested, charged and now officially indicted. A Williams County grand jury indicted Fidler on a charge of sexual battery. According to the indictment, Fidler engaged in sexual conduct with a 16-year-old boy at her Montpelier home back in June of 2007.

According to school officials, Fidler was placed on administrative leave by the district in January following news that Fidler was under investigation for the alleged crime.

A spokesperson for the district released a statement saying "It is the Board of Education's understanding that the investigation has been completed and charges have now been filed. Based upon the filing of those charges, the board of education will make a determination as to what steps need to be taken in regards to the employee and would expect that any action would occur very quickly."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Toys R Us - Now You Can Corrupt Your Little Kiddies With A 'Tramps R Us' Tramp Stamp !

Sacramento, Ca. (The Weekly Vice) -- Behold, kiddies - your dreams have come true. Little girls can now have tramp stamps just like big sister and Mommy, thanks to Toys R Us retailers.

No, this isn't a Photoshop prank at work... This machine was found sitting at the entry way of the Toys R Us at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento California.

Toys R Us, who never fails to send a search party after every penny in you and your kid's pockets, isn't about to miss out on the latest Tattoo craze. While tramp stamps have indeed jumped out of pop culture into the mainstream life of many a wasted youth - soliciting quarters for the stickers look a bit odd dangled between Hannah Montana and Mickey Mouse.

Now your little pre-puberty do-rights can cross over to the dark side just like the pros do. Yes, by pros, we're referring to where the tramp stamp got it's first public exposure. Porn flicks.

Now don't get us wrong. Fellow Lunatics KNOW we have no fear of the dark side here. But isn't a national toy chain devoted to tiny tots really sort of tap dancing on the edge of lunacy here? Rolling the machine right up to the front doors for all eager lawsuit minded parents to see, seems pretty dumb to us.

These images were captured by a fellow blogger over at Cockeyed. There's no doubt you'll be seeing it in some of the mainstream press in a few days, followed by a starched tightie whitie response out of an unlucky Toys R Us spokesperson who will undoubtedly insult our intelligence with some lame response.

Waiting..... Waiting....

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Arthur Price - Man Arrested After Repeatedly Having Sex With Picnic Table - Bonus Edition

Bellevue, OH (The Weekly Vice) -- Arthur Price, an Ohio man was recently arrest and charged with four counts of public indecency after repeatedly having sex with a picnic table.

While there is no law against having sex with a picnic table, there is one against dragging your extreme fetish out into the public, which may have been Arthur's downfall.

Police first became aware of Price's odd behavior when an anonymous source brought them a set of DVDs that show Price having sexual intercourse with a metal table on his deck.

According to police, the DVD's showed Price walking out onto his deck, tilting the table onto it's side and then proceeding to have sexual intercourse with it in open view of neighbors living nearby. The alleged incidences are reported to have been captured between January until March 2008.

When confronted by police, price admitted to the activity. He went on to inform police that his activities included having sex with the table inside of his house as well.

Price was taken into custody, but has posted the ordered $20,000 bond.

Just for fun, can you think of a few ways a picnic table might be better than a girlfriend? See if you can beat these!

Why Picnic Tables Are Better Than A Girlfriend!

1. Picnic tables don't believe in one night stands, they stand on four legs -all the time.
2. Picnic tables don't require a first date, but a bottle of Old English gets you bonus points.
3. If you pick up another picnic table, the old one won't complain
4. Picnic tables will never give you crabs - but beware of splinters
5. Picnic tables can handle a twosome, threesome and even a foursome all at once.
6. You don't have to beg a picnic table to get on all fours.

Alright, enough already - your turn.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

March 27, 2008

Mandi Hamlin - Demands Apology From The TSA Who Forced Her To Remove Nipple Piercings At Airport

Los Angeles, Ca. (The Weekly Vice) -- Mandi Hamlin, a 37 year old woman who was forced by the Transportation Security Administration to remove nipple piercings before boarding an aircraft, wants an apology - and she'll sue if she doesn't get one.

Hamlin, who resides in Texas, demonstrated for reporters the manner she used to extract nipple piercings after being informed she could not board the aircraft without doing so.

When Hamlin attempted to pass through security, a hand held scanner beeped when it was passed over her chest. When she told security that she had nipple piercings, she was informed that she'd have to remove them.

She was directed behind a curtain where she intended to take them out. When she couldn't remove the second piercing, she was given a pair of pliers to finish the task.

Hamlin offered to show a female security officer the piercings in private and says she would have agreed to a pat down search as alternatives to removing the piercings, but no other alternative was offered.

She also claims she heard male officers snickering when she requested the pliers to remove the piercing. After finally removing the nipple piercings, she was allowed to pass even though she had a belly button piercing that had not been removed.

TSA officials say they are investigating to see if policies were being followed. The agency released a statement saying "Our security officers are well-trained to screen individuals with body piercings in sensitive areas with dignity and respect while ensuring a high level of security."

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

We're a little surprised that the TSA has handled this in such a stupid way. Literally millions of passengers pass through security with nipple rings, belly button rings, rings on their fingers, necklaces and other such jewelry.

We are absolutely on board with careful screenings of airline passengers. It's the world we now live in. But an ounce of common sense has to be used during the process. Nipple piercings are tiny and fairly easy to identify. They can also be very painful to remove, since skin tends to grow around the metal of the ring. Keep in mind nipples aren't the only genitals people pierce these days.

When pliers were requested, someone should have had enough sense to recognize that the humiliation of the incident had gone on long enough.

Since female security agents were on hand who could have offered an alternative, there really is no excuse for the TSA's handling of this case. It might not merit a lawsuit, but it certainly merits a firing somewhere we think. There simply is no way to line up person after person to extract nipple, clitoris and penis piercings at every airport in the country. There absolutely needs to be a common sense policy change of some sort. We thought hand scanners were supposed to help solve this issue, no?

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Zachary Booso - Teen Shoots Himself Four Times To Convince Friends He Knows Gang Members

Brownsburg, Ind. (The Weekly Vice) -- Zachary Booso, a 19 year old from Brownsburg Indiana has been arrested for filing a false police report after shooting himself four times claiming to friends he had gang ties.

When Booso bragged to friends and an exgirlfriend that he had friends that were gang members, no one believed him. As a result, Booso staged a self assault with a BB/Pellet gun in attempt to provide proof that they were wrong.

According to police, Booso said he was driving to a friend's house Saturday when a man flagged him down. He said he stopped at a clubhouse, where the man demanded his wallet and shot him. Booso then called a friend and told him that he'd been shot. The friend's father then called 911.

When police investigated the boy's claims, the story quickly fell apart, leading the teen to confess to self inflicting the woulds. Booso confessed to shooting himself in the face, shoulder and thigh with the bb gun.

Booso told them he did it to try to prove to his friends and ex-girlfriend that he led a secret life as a gang member. "Nobody believed him, so this was going to show all of them that he had been involved in a gang," said Brownsburg police Capt. Jeff Gray.

Booso was taken to a hospital and then carted off to jail, where he bonded out the same day.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Suleidy Lugo - Drunk Woman Bullied, Beat, Drugged And Strangled Baby All In Front Of Neighbor

Tauton, Ma. (The Weekly Vice) -- Suleidy Lugo, a 22 year old Tauton mother has been arrested and charged with 'assault and battery with injury' after police say she beat and abused her five month old baby.

Police were alerted to Lugo's alleged abuse of the child when another woman witnessed the drunk woman abusing her baby.

The neighbor told police that she first noticed Lugo outside of her apartment with the child in a baby carrier. She then noted several heavy items stacked on top of the baby, including a jug of antifreeze and a video game console.

When the woman tried to intervene, the woman grabbed the child by the neck and struck it's head against the hard plastic carrier.

When the neighbor persisted in helping, Lugo reportedly told the woman to "Just take the bastard, I don't even want him anymore." While the neighbor bottle fed the baby, Lugo helped herself to another drink and then a beer.

Later, Lugo tried to give the child medicine to make it stop crying. When the child spit the medicine up (which the child wasn't old enough to have anyway),Lugo slapped the child across the face. She then grabbed the child by the neck and ordered the neighbors out of her apartment. The woman then locked the door.

When police arrived, the woman refused to cooperate and let them in. They could hear high pitched screams of the child in side the apartment, while hearing the mother curse at it to "shut up".

When police finally did enter, they found a staggering drunk woman who had abandoned the child on a bed upstairs. The child was taken to Morton Hospital and Medical Center for treatment.

Judge David Turcotte has ordered Lugo held without bail at Bristol County House of Correction until a hearing scheduled for March 27.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

From her mugshot photo, she sure seems to be quite entertained with herself. Having a grand old time, from appearances. Does she kind of look like Shrek's evil twin sister to you?

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Becky Jo Tatum - Police Looking For Woman Who Had Lesbian Sex 14 Year old Girl

Columbus, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) -- Becky Jo Tatum, a Bexley woman who is accused of having sex with a 14 year old boy is a fugitive of justice, and police want her caught.

This week a warrant for her arrest was issued with a reward of $2,000 for information that leads to her arrest.

Police say Tatum engaged in oral sex with a 14 year old girl and is charged with 'unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.'

"This all started out as a drug investigation and as a result of the drug investigation we seized Becky's computers," said Bexley police Detective Bob Cuschleg. "Looking at the computers we found images that were a little disturbing."

The warrant alleges that a 14-year-old girl was at Tatum's home earlier this month when the sexual activity took place between herself and the teen. The teen said that she "had been drinking and had a buzz" prior to the incident.

"There's actually no sexual act in the images on the computer," Cuschleg said. "What we've done is we have investigated the images we found on the computer (and) we found a victim that actually had a sexual contact with Becky Jo Tatum."

According to Tatum's daughter, her mother has engaged in sexual activity with a number of her friends, Townsend reported. "(She's) done this before with my friends; I'm kind of used to it," Tatum's daughter said.

Anyone with information was asked to call Crime Stoppers at 614-645-TIPS.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Katherine J. Harder - Teacher Caught In The Act Of Having Sex With Teen Student. Game Over!

Pottawatomie County, Kansas (The Weekly Vice) -- Katherine J. Harder, a 31 year old language arts teacher at Manhattan High School has been arrested and charged with having unlawful sexual relations with a student after police caught her in a vehicle with a 17 year old student.

According to authorities, a Pottawatomie County Deputy on patrol investigated a suspicious vehicle around 10 p.m. that was parked at the Tuttle Creek Dam near Manhattan, Kansas.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he made contact with Harder and the male student, who were together in the parked vehicle.

Michele Jones, communications coordinator for the school district, said Harder was a good teacher.

"Ms. Harder was a language arts teacher at Manhattan High School. She had worked for us for about three years, and she resigned from employment this morning," Jones said.

Harder has been released from jail on a $3,000 bond.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

If it turns out that the two were literally caught undressed, this would have to be just about the worst way for a teacher to be caught - from her perspective.

It's among the few teacher/student sex scandals where the teacher was literally caught with her pants down or dress "up". Despite the serious nature of the case, one can't help but think the story comes right out of 'Porkies' or 'American Pie'.

What do you think? Comment Below:

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

William Milham - Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With 15 Year Old Girl Pleads Guilty - Judge Promises Light Sentence

Syracuse, N.Y. (The Weekly Vice) -- William Milham, a 36 year old history and social studies teacher at Skaneateles High School has been arrested and charged with committing a criminal sex act in the 3rd-degree and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to police, Milham allegedly had a sexual relationship with a student back in 2002 that was 15 years old at the time. Police say the teacher had sex with the 15 year old girl on three separate occasions at Skaneateles High School.

Milham has now pleaded guilty to the felony charge of third-degree criminal sex act before Onondaga County Court judge Joseph Fahey.

Fahey promised Milham a sentence that would not exceed probation and six month in jail. Sentencing in the case is scheduled for May 22, 2008.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

A teacher rapes a 15 year old kid three times and gets a promise from a judge that he'd go light on the guy if he pleads guilty? 6 month in jail is a common sentence for those who are caught "attempting" to meet teens for sex through the Internet. Here we have a teacher, who is in a position of authority actually carrying out such trysts on multiple occasions - yet the judge assures him of a similar sentence as if he hadn't followed through with the deed.

Great work judge! Sigh.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Abbiejane (Abbie-Jane) Swogger - Teacher's Drug Party With Students And Alleged Sex Romp Quickly Sinks To A Whole New Level

New Kensington, Pa. (The Weekly Vice) -- Abbie-Jane Swogger, a 34 year old former teacher's aid at Highlands High School who was caught throwing a party for several students, faces increasingly serious charges as the investigation continues.

In February, we reported on Swogger's case when she was first arrested. At that time, the case appeared on the surface to be simple party with minors - which was enough to get her arrested. But a handful of of clues led us to believe that this case was about to explode, and indeed it has.

Swogger, who is a former exotic dancer and mother of two has has been accused of renting a room at the Clarion Hotel, where police found alcohol, crack cocaine and several students. One parent spent a whole evening driving around town searching for her daughter, which aided in alerting police toSwogger's behavior.

New Kensington police recently charged Swogger with felony crack cocaine possession, corruption of minors and intent to deliver. When police arrived at Swoggers home to arrest her for the new charges, they found the same 17 year old boy hiding in her bedroom that had been in the hotel room the night she was arrested there.

A New Kensington police report said two teenage girls who were at the party, one of them 15, left the high school early Friday. Both of them were runaways from Tarentum and Harrison Township, according to police.

A mother of one of the girls at the party had no sympathy for Swogger's arrest. "Someone in that room gave my daughter marijuana. She did admit to that. I think she should get what's coming to her, however the law requires. She should get the fullest extent of punishment." she said.

And now the other shoe is about to drop!

New Kensington police are now saying that Swogger lured two teenage girls to her hotel room in hopes of getting the drunk and high - in an attempt to get them to have sex with her. Police also say that Swogger had sex with one of the teenage boys from the party (the boy who was later found hiding in Swogger's bedroom when they arrested her just weeks ago).

Here is our initial report on the case:

New Kensington, Pa (The Weekly Vice) -- Abbiejane Swogger, a 34 year old teacher's aid at Highlands High School in Natrona Heights, Pa. was arrested after police caught her in the throws of a party which involved several teenagers including her son.

Formal charges are still pending, however Swogger is facing allegations of renting a hotel room where police found beer, marijuana and an open condom wrapper.

Police say that several teens including boys and girls showed up to the party that included Swogger's 15 year old son and his friends.

Swogger claims that she rented the hotel room with a girlfriend but that when her son and his friends happened along, she didn't turn them away.

Swogger denies rumors from the school she teaches at, which accuse her of having sexual relationships with students from the school. Authorities say they are continuing to investigate as that the case is complex.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

This is the story that keeps on giving. At Swogger's hearing, the courtroom was filled with teens ready to testify against the former teacher's aid.

Swogger had already been under investigation by the school, after rumors spread of her alleged trysts with one of the male students attending the same school.

This being the case, it really insults the imagination to think a teacher didn't think she'd be caught setting up drug and sex romp party with multiple students.

Her attorney insists they will fight the charges - but we honestly don't see how on earth her story is going to hold water now, particularly when she seems to be continuing her behavior with the male student even after her initial arrest. This may well qualify as one of the most unbelievable teacher/student sex romps we've seen in quite awhile.

What bothers us about this story is the fact that there are several parents here who are having a hard time getting their teens under some kind of control. Here we have a teacher exploiting that difficulty - and apparently adding to it in additional to her own self gratifications.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Heather Kennedy - Teacher And Math Tutor Accused Of Having Sex Romp With 16 Year Old Student

UPDATE: Teacher Faces New Charges!

Pleaded guilty to original sexual misconduct

Long Island, New York (The Weekly Vice) -- Heather Kennedy, a 25 year old former math teacher at Wataugh High School in Long Island New York who plead guilty to child sex charges and was awaiting sentencing on those charges, has been arrested again.

Last month, Heather Kennedy pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct involving a 16 year old former student she was charged with raping. While awaiting sentencing in the case, Kennedy was ordered to NOT have contact with the victim.

Police have now arrested Kennedy again on charges that she resumed having sex with the boy while awaiting sentencing in the case. She now faces additional charges and will face more severe jail time as a result of her alleged activities.

Investigators began to monitor Kennedy's conduct again after receiving a tip informing them that sexual contact may have resumed with the minor. The victim also told investigators that the sexual activity continued, telling officers that she had sex with him on five occassions since she pleaded guilty to the previous charges.

Kennedy, who was free on a $35,000 bond was booked into jail on a $104,000 bond. She has now been charged with 3rd-degree rape, committing a criminal sexual act, criminal contempt and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Sentencing in the previous case was scheduled for August.

Previous Report from March 27th

Long Island, N.Y. (The Weekly Vice) -- Heather Kennedy, a 25 year old math teacher at Wataugh High School has been arrested and charged with 3rd-degree rape and endangering the welfare of a minor. Police said Kennedy was tutoring a 16 year old boy in his Massapequa home when she formed a relationship with him that lead to sex.

According to police, text messages were exchanged between Kennedy and the student on March 19th, where they agreed to meet. The two spent at least three hours together before going to the Massapequa High school parking lot, where they had sexual intercourse.

The boy's parents contacted police after the teen admitted the sexual activity to them the next day, according to Nassau police.

Kennedy has been re-assigned from her duties at the school pending the investigation and has been released from jail on a $35,000 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

March 26, 2008

The Miss Landmine Survivor Beauty Pageant Set For April - And You Thought You'd Seen Everything!

Angola (The Weekly Vice) -- There she is. Miss Landmine Survivor! Think a beauty pageant for landmine victims sounds too incredible to be true? Think again.

On April 2nd, 18 contestants in Angola will demonstrate her beauty, skill and - yes her landmine injuries.

In Angola, millions of mines were planted during a two-decade civil war that finally ended in 2002. Landmines were placed around Angolan towns and across farm fields, victimizing tens of thousands of people who have lost either life or limb in the struggle to cultivate their communities.

The pageant, organized by Angola's de-mining commission, was created by Norwegian theater director Morten Traavik. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the scope of the landmine problem in Angola.

According to program officials, one contestant will represent every province in the country, for a total of 18 total contestants. The women will range in age from 19 to 35 years old - most of which will have visible loss of limbs or other notable injuries from land mine explosions.

Last November, the women were flown to the Angolan capitol, where they participated in a photo shoot to promote the pageant. The woman were compensated $200 per day for their work and were allowed to keep clothing and jewelry that was used in the promotional sessions.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

We have to admit, until this story surfaced this week, we were completely unaware of how widespread this ongoing problem has been for the Angolan people. This pageant is accomplishing what all the news reports and talking heads across the world have failed to do accomplish nearly as well. For that, the pageant has been a success before has even started. We wish the program officials, administrators and of course the girls great success and fun with their pageant.

If you'd like to to learn more about this pageant, visit the Miss Landmine Angola 2008 website.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Jennifer K. Dempsey - Parents Of Student Stop Teacher/Student Relationship In It's Tracks, Teacher On Paid Leave

Oswego, N.Y. (The Weekly Vice) -- Jennifer K. Dempsey, a 28 year old Spanish Teacher and Cheerleading coach at Oswego High School has been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

According to police, Dempsey was arrested on Tuesday for having an inappropriate relationship with a 16 year old male student. Police characterize the relationship as intimate and ongoing, but have stated that the relationship did not appear to be sexual.

Dempsey was suspended from the school in February after she had allegedly engaged in inappropriate communications with several students via text messaging, email and handwritten notes. Upon return to work, she received a letter of reprimand, a reduction in salary and agreed to maintain appropriate behavior in the future.

Shortly after her reprimand, additional information surfaced that implicated Dempsey in additional inappropriate contact with the teen boy. Police became aware of the relationship after parents complained to school officials about Dempsey's communications with their son.

"At this point there are no allegations involving sexual contact," said Oswego County Assistant District Attorney Greg Oakes.

Upon Dempsey's arrest, she was placed on paid leave by the school on Tuesday. Her future with the school will be decided by the Oswego School Board, according to district spokesperson David Fisher.

Dempsey was released on a promise to appear in court on April 3rd.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Sounds to us like this case may be a bit of overkill - however perhaps that's what it will take to wake these teachers up from playing the roll of friend with these kids as opposed to being an authority figure and educator. We wouldn't be surprised one bit if this teacher was well liked by a majority of students who considered her "cool".

On the other hand, teachers have lost much of their ability to really control the classroom, which drives many good teachers out of the profession and makes room for 'friend' teachers who aren't necessarily a benefit to our kids.

We commend the parents here for being alert enough to stop this tainted relationship in it's tracks.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

March 25, 2008

Garret A. Dalton - Caught Running In Race For Hannah Montana Tickets While Pocketing Thousands In Worker's Comp Claims

Hartford, Conn. (The Weekly Vice) -- Garret A. Dalton, a 41 year old state corrections officer has been charged with worker's compensation fraud after he pocketed thousands of dollars in disability claims while running a race to win free Hannah Montana tickets.

According to prosecutors, Dalton entered a contest to win Hannah Montana concert tickets in a radio station contest. The contest required Dalton to dress up in women's clothing and high heels while sprinting 40 yards, balancing an egg on a spoon.

According to investigators, Dalton participated while claiming he was too injured to work, pocketing more than $5,000 in worker's compensation claims. Prosecutors say that he misrepresented facts about his medical condition and ability to work.

Authorities were alerted to Dalton's scam when someone identified him during a TV news broadcast reporting on the promotion.

Dalton has been ordered to appear back in court on April 8th, where he will be competing once again. If the judge has sense of humor, perhaps he'll have Dalton balance a ball and chain on a spoon in a sprint towards the nearest prison.

In case you're wondering why one would be such a fool for Hannah Montana tickets. They have been reportedly listed on eBay for up to $2,000 a pair. Ahh, the madness!

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Frank Singleton - Dumb Criminal Award Winner. Released From Jail, He Commits Carjacking In Jail Parking Lot

Palm Beach, Fla. (The Weekly Vice) -- Frank Singleton, a 21 year old Palm Beach resident wins this month's "dumb criminal" award for stupidity that defies logic.

Singleton had just recently been released from county jail following a minor misdemeanor trespassing charge, when he immediately went to work screwing up his life a little bit more.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Singleton was no further than the jail's visitor parking lot, when he attempted to carjack a 2006 Nissan 350z.

Justine Lapierre, the vehicle's driver, had just parked in the jail's visitor parking lot, when Singleton ran towards her and ordered her to get out of the way. According to Sheriff's Spokesperson Paul Miller.

He pushed Lapierre out of the way, grabbed the keys and jumped into the car. He didn't get far however. The vehicle had a manual transmission that Singleton was unable to operate.

Sheriff's Office Pastor Leo Krug was alerted to the disturbance and arrested Singleton, who has now been charged with felony carjacking. Singleton told authorities that he "didn't feel like walking."

"I don't think he wanted to go back to jail," Miller said. "I think he really wanted to get away and was looking for a car."

Congratulations Singleton. You won't have far to walk in a 4x6 cell. Mission accomplished.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Lisa Robyn Marinelli - Teacher Shops For Boy To Date Her 15 Year Old Daughter. Becomes MILF Instead

New Port Richey, Fla. (The Weekly Vice) -- Lisa Robyn Marinelli, a 40 year old substitute teacher at Mitchell High School in Port Richey has been arrested and charged with unlawful sex with a minor. She was arrested on allegations that she had sex with a student on multiple occasions at various locations including her home and automobile.

Police say they were first alerted to Marinelli's activities when the boy's father told authorities that he witnessed his son pulling up his pants when exiting Marinelli's Chrysler 300. Police also say that the victim told investigators that he and Marinelli began a sexual relationship in January when he was 16 years old.

Records released by the Pasco County Sheriff's Department indicate that Marinelli originally wanted the boy to date her 15 year old daughter. The teen told police that Marinelli considered him "on the list" of potential boyfriends. Police believe that's when the two began spending more time together, developing their own relationship.

The teen told police that the relationship had begun in December, but turned sexual in January when the two had sex at Marinelli's house. Allegedly, that was the first of 11 times Marinelli and the teen had sex.

Police have confirmed that they have received records of hundreds of text messages and phone calls between the Marinelli and the boy, including many that were sexual in nature. Police have released the following statements which they say were sent from Marinelli to the teen's cell phone.

* "Ur car looks awesome! Al u need is a hot milf sittin next to u and ud really b in business :-)"
* "How about a quickie 2 morrow afternoon :-)"
* "U can meet me at home at 3. Real men only need 20 min! We will be along cause there is a field trip"

This is the third such incident of Teacher/Student sex that has occurred in the Tampa Bay area over the past three weeks. Marinelli has been relieved of her substitute services at Mitchell High School and has been released from jail on a $20,000 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

March 23, 2008

Rockland Stephens - Dad Murders Own Son After Judges Increases His Parenting Time

Warrenton, Ore (The Weekly Vice) -- Photos have been released in the case of the monster dad who took his son camping - in a plot to kill him.

According to police, an arrest warrant had recently been issued for 49 year old Rockland Stephens, when they found the dead bodies of he and his 10 year old son Shane Davis inside his van at a state park campsite.

Clatsop County officials are investigating what they believe was a murder-suicide that occurred at the Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon. According to investigators, the father ran a hose from the tailpipe of the vehicle into the cab. While toxicology reports are still pending, investigators believe that the manner of death is consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Police say that Stephens had taken custody of the boy for a weekend visitation. Officials were contacted however when the boy was never returned to his mother's home in St. Helens.

Fort Stevens State Park officials became concerned when Stephen's van remained at the site past the departure date he had previously set. Police were contacted and arrived to find the dead bodies of the man and his son.

The Story Gets Worse

Shannon Davis, the boys mother, had recently tried to obtained a restraining order against Stephens that cited concerns about Stephen's conduct. Davis testified to Columbia County judge Steve Reed that Stephens had threatened to kill her. She also testified that Stephens had fled to Fiji in the past with another child in order to prevent her from taking custody.

The judge dismissed the complaint as a 'he said, she said' argument and instead increased the amount of visitation time Stephens would have with the boy. When the mother expressed to the judge that she was afraid the boy would be abducted, the judge told her that the FBI could track him down.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

It never ceases to amaze me. The number of judges who play Russion Roulet with child custody cases - while refusing to research a claim that's been made in court, has become more and more common. While the judge likely hears radical statements between divorced couples on a regular basis, this particular claim had a history to it, that evidently went ignored.

When faced with a serious claim of a death threat, it sort of defies logic that the judge used this hearing to increase the visitation time without ordering some kind of intervention such as family services, just to be safe.

This kind of "rights first" and "safety last" thinking of some judges has increasingly resulted in the torture, abuse and death of increasing numbers of children who are constantly turned back over to parents who show a history of troubling behavior.

A child pretty much has to end up dead before the court will begin to take some kind of credible action to protect the child. In this particular case, that's unfortunately what happened.

Do you think judge Steve Reed will slow thing downs in his court and proceed a bit more carefully in future cases? We doubt it. Judges have immunized themselves more and more against the fall out from their decisions.

Child rape cases that result in probation or a week in jail for the perpetrator are common. When the perp is released, they have a very high incidence of re-offending, yet judges are almost never held accountable by either the law or even the media.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Celest Grace Minardi - Mother Stabs And Slashes Own Son During 'Supervised' Visitation

Largo, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Celeste Grace Minardi, a 55 year old mother has been arrested and charged with 1st-degree attempted murder after she attempted to stab her own 15 year old son to death during a court ordered visitation.

According to police, Minardi had met her son at a Largo doctor's office for a supervised visitation with her 15 year old son. This was a regularly scheduled visitation that has been ongoing for approximately three years, following Minardi's divorce from a Gulport City attorney, Timothy Driscoll.

Police say Minardi's visits had been going will with her son, who resides with his father. In fact, Minardi regularly brought gifts to the visitations.

This time however, instead of gifts, Minardi brought horror by way of two jagged edge knives that she carried inside an over-sized purse. One knife was a 15 inch ornamental dagger. The other knife, a 12 inch drywall cutting knife.

Despite the presence of a supervising nurse nearby, Minardi pulled the knives out of her purse and began stabbing and slashing her son. She stabbed him in the abdomen, slashed his throat and brazed his forehead. The boy was left with a punctured intestine and an 8 inch laceration across his neck.

Amazingly, the boy was able to break free long enough to run towards the office lobby, where doctors were able to get the woman disarmed until police arrived. The boy was rushed to Bayfront Medical Center where he was treated for life threatening injuries.

Family and police have not been able to offer much by way of a possible motive for the stabbing. According to a family member, Minardi is currently suffering from stage four pancreatic cancer and has been given just a few more months to live. According to relatives,Minardi has no previous history of mental illness.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

I suppose if you are going to get a stabbing from your own mother, it's a good thing to be in a doctor's office at the time.

We may have a bone to pick with the social service agency who set up this arrangement. I have a hard time imagining that when the judge ordered SUPERVISED visitation, he was expecting an office nurse to be the supervising party here.

Usually, 'supervised visitation' means supervised by a qualified state worker - not a doctor's office nurse. There has been no mention of any other party besides an office nurse being present to oversee visitation. She's at work doing other things.

I'm suspicious that after three years, the parties involved loosened their standards a little, which might have opened an opportunity for this woman to do a Norman Bates on her own son. An attorney's son would be the wrong party to make THAT mistake with. If anyone can clarify, please comment.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Leslie Ann Brown - Minivan Mom Attempts To Run Husband Down 20 Times. $300 Dispute To Blame

Port St. Lucie, Fla (The Weekly Vice) -- A Florida minivan Mom attempts to run over her husband over a $300 dispute.

Leslie Anne Brown, a 34 year old mother and potentially soon to be ex-wife has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse after attempting to run her husband over with the family minivan.

According to St. Lucie authorities, an argument erupted between the couple in the morning hours over $300. When the dispute turned into a shoving match, Nicholas Brown attempted to take the couple's child away from Leslie, his wife.

Mrs. Brown jerked the child away, grabbed a suitcase and headed out to the family's minivan, as the husband, Nicholas followed.

After seat belting the child into a car seat, Leslie Brown hopped in and punched the gas, chasing her husband around the yard in the minivan. According to deputies, the angry mother attempted to run her husband over approximately 20 times as he fled.

Attempting to slow the pursuing minivan down, Nicholas Brown threw a brick at the vehicle's windshield. Sheriff's deputies arrived a short time later, placing Leslie Ann Brown under arrest.

According to reports, the child was unharmed and has been temporarily placed with Leslie Brown's mother.

Brown was transported to the St. Lucie County Jail where she was ordered held on a $2,750 bond. She posted the bond and was released Saturday evening.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

So are we missing something here? The child was placed with the Grandmother, where Leslie Brown will likely go, following her release from jail on child abuse charges? Interesting.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

March 22, 2008

College Girl Handcuffed And Thrown In Jail Over Serious Offense - A $10 Parking Ticket

Waverly, Iowa (The Weekly Vice) -- Things are going blissfully well in Waverly Iowa, a small college town that's about 60 miles north east of Des Moines. The community is so free of problems, that Waverly police have begun handcuffing, jailing and prosecuting evildoers over major offenses - like $10 parking fines.

Meet Meaghan Hagensick. She is a Wartburg student who learned the hard way that Waverly will not tolerate high priority crime like parking tickets.

Hagensick was arrested, handcuffed and escorted directly to jail by multiple police officers because she failed to pay a $10 fine. Yes, like any hardened criminal, Hagensick was forced to bond out of jail, pay court costs and pay a higher fine.

Hagensick claims she never received the ticket. This is a common problem with parking tickets that many people have, but one that has extra merit in this case.

College students regularly have multiple resident addresses. It's not uncommon for students to move, move again and move again as school years stop and start. One would think that a college town that thrives heavily on student population would get a clue about how to properly facilitate this challenge.

Vehicle registrations for college students almost always lead back to the parent's home address. Meaghan's father Duane Hagensick doesn't recall ever receiving a parking ticket in the mail.

While it's true, everyone should pay their fines, there are a few elements to this story which defy logic.

First, the taxpayer cost. Are Waverly taxpayers really eager to see their limited tax dollars going to fund the resources required to hunt down fugitive parking ticket evaders? Two officers, a judge, a couple of police cruisers, gas and investigative time is a legitimate expense for capturing a child molester. How does this pan out for $10 fines?

Secondly, most of civilized society has figured out that offenders are usually quite eager to pay up when the license bureau has been notified of an unpaid fine. No one wants their license suspended over a silly fine - thus the problem is solved on paper. With fax machines, the town of Waverly wouldn't even be required to pay for a postage stamp.

Lastly, there is the little issue of carting a hardened offender off to jail in handcuffs over an issue that could legitimately be a matter of not receiving the notice. Parking tickets are usually not signed by the offender, so the court really has no proof that the offender has acknowledged receipt of the ticket or even knows about it.

For this reason, most of the country has learned to take a diplomatic approach to compel payment of non moving violations instead of carting the offender off to jail like a rabid, half neutered dog who has just munched off a grandmother's leg.

Meaghan would like to point out that a lot of crime might be missed, while officers are beating down residents doors over parking tickets. It's obvious however that this line of thinking has blown right over the head of police chief Richard Purcell. Perhaps he could take a few economics classes at Wartburg.

We suspect that the police chief simply thought he had the bright idea of recouping losses for the city treasury, however he seems to forget who's treasury that is. The peoples. The city must answer for it's lack of discretion as well as it's squandering of taxpayer funds. The analogy of stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime seems to come to mind here.

Also, the incident will hit sites and blogs across the entire country, making the chief of police/ Sheriff's department in Waverly a laughing stock. Well worth payment of that $10 fine we suspect.

Waverly, isn't it great to know elections aren't that far away?

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Nancy Torres - Teacher's Aid Indicted For Having Ongoing Sex With 14 Year Old

Frisco, Texas (The Weekly Vice) -- Nancy Torres, a 29 year old teacher's aid at Wakeland High School has been arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child and improper relationship between educator and a student. Both are second-degree felonies.

According to police, Torres engaged in a sexual relationship with a 14 year old boy from Staley Middle School. The alleged encounters between Torres and the boy began in May and lasted through September.

According to court records, the boy reported to police that the two had engaged in sexual activity several times a week. The alleged activity took place in her F-150 pick up most of the time in four different states.

Also according to reports, Torres played soccer. The teen traveled to watch Torres play and many of the sexual encounters occurred in connection with her games. Incidences of sexual activity were conducted at the soccer field or in the parking lot of the boy's apartment complex.

Although Torres was charged with the felonies in November, 2006, she was not indicted until just a few days ago because the victim's family moved out of state and lost contact with the Frisco police department.

“The family of the victim moved away and we didn’t have a way to contact them,” Frisco Police Sgt. Gerald Meadors said. “We had to wait for them to contact us.”

Torres faces up to 20 years in jail and a fine of $10,000 for each charge.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

James Brian Sliter - Registered Sex Offender Runs For Mayor, Insists On Forgiveness

Wilmer, Texas (The Weekly Vice) -- If you live in Wilmer, Texas, 42 year old James Brian Sliter would like to be your next mayor. There's just one itsy bitsy detail that has residents a bit uneasy about his candidacy. Sliter is a registered sex offender.

Regardless of the controversy, Sliter is running for mayor anyway. He insists that the town of about 3,400 residents should elect him despite their feelings about his prior activities.

"People need to realize that people make mistakes and they need to look past those mistakes and forgive and move on," said Sliter. "I'm not asking anybody to condone what I did."

Sliter was caught in a police sting that was arranged to capture suspects who were attempting to take their sex chats with teens a step further. About four years ago,Sliter chatted with a person that he knew to be a 15 year old minor. He then arranged a meeting for sex with the would-be teen, only to find police waiting for him when he arrived.

In exchange for his plea, Sliter avoided a conviction of the charge - but was sentenced to 10 years probation and was required to register as a sex offender. This enables Sliter to legally file as a candidate for the position because he received a deferred adjudication instead of a conviction.

Sliter says that he's not asking residents to condone what he did. He just wants them to forgive him and give him a chance.

The election for town Mayor will be on May 10th.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Sliter has stated, "people need to realize that people make mistakes." We'd like Sliter to remember that dialing the wrong phone number is a mistake - attempting to rape a 15 year old kid is a behavioral act. Forgetting your wallet as you head for work is a mistake. Attempting to influence a child to meet you for a sex romp is a behavioral act.

Many Wilmer residents likely consider a vote for a sex offender as a potential mistake. Responsible adults typically try to avoid mistakes - as opposed to going on ahead and overlooking the mistake, Mr.Sliter . That's the difference between a man that evaluates the consequences of his actions as opposed to the man that chooses to indulge those actions.

Mr. Sliter at one point chose to overlook the consequences of his actions - and now asks Wilmer residents to overlook his actions. The same sense of wrong and right he overlooked, he'd like residents to overlook.

While it's true, some people can change their behavior, politics is all about decision making. A track record of decision making ability is one of the few assets a voter has to evaluate a candidate by sometimes. Asking voters to 'overlook' this track record, is a 'mistake' we hope Wilmer residents will NOT be willing to make.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

March 21, 2008

Alison Diane Ivey - Arrested On Charges Of Having Sex With Student

Milledgeville, Georgia (The Weekly Vice) -- Alison Diane Ivey, a 28 year old marketing teacher at Baldwin County High School has been arrested and charged with one count of sexual assault involving a 17 year old student from the school.

Ivey turned herself in at the Baldwin County Jail Thursday afternoon after a warrant had been issued for her arrest.

Police declined to get into details about the circumstances of her arrest, but stated that they are continuing to conduct interviews and that more charges may be pending.

Ivey was processed and then released from the Baldwin County Jail on a $25,000 Bond

Danny Vice
The weekly Vice

March 20, 2008

Joshua Coman - Sentenced For Raping Woman's Rottweiler. Should This Qualify For The Sex Offender Registry?

Wichita, Ks. (The Weekly Vice) -- Joshua Coman, a 20 year old man from Wichita, Kansas who pleaded guilty to having sex with a dog has been sentenced to 6 months in jail and must register as a sexual offender.

Coman was arrested last month after an acquaintance told police she saw him in her garage with her 4-year-old female Rottweiler. This was not however the first time Coman had been caught having sex with a dog. Coman was on probation for a similar conviction in Reno County when he was arrested Feb. 19 in Wichita.

The sticking point in the case was whether or not Coman should be placed on sex offender registry.

Coman's attorney argued that the state's registered offender law was designed to protect humans, not "livestock, domestic pets or anything else, be they birds or insects. The statute was simply not created with that intent."

"I don't believe it will do the citizens of the state of Kansas any good to warehouse this man for six months," he said.

Coman's attorney lost that argument, as the judge in the case determined that Coman had met the definition of the law which specifies that 'a sexual offender is a person convicted under any violent crime which is sexually motivated and done for the purpose of sexual gratification.'

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

For the love of Fido, what could be so hard about deciding whether raping people's dogs is a sexual offense that should be listed on the registry. Why wouldn't raping an unwilling pooch be offensive enough in comparison with many Romeo and Juliet offenders who ARE forever listed on the registry.

The dude accepts rape of a pooch as acceptable - I believe it was even argued that Coman viewed sex with canines as 'normal' behavior - in an effort to go to counseling instead of jail. He'll get both now by the judge's order.

We're curious however, why the defense attorney felt that the public wouldn't get any benefit out of keeping a dog rapist off the street for half a year. Tell the lady's dog that, counselor.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

Kelly Sweet - Teacher Gets 'Sweet' With Student - Accused Of Having After Movie Sex With 14 Year Old Student

St. Francis, Wis. (The Weekly Vice) -- Kelly Sweet, a 26 year old math teacher and volleyball coach at Deer Creek Intermediate school has been arrested and charged with 2nd-degree sexual assault.

Sweet, who teaches eight grade students has been accused of sexually assaulting a 14 year old student. The boy told police that he and Sweet had sexual contact earlier this month in her downtown apartment in Milwaukee.

The teen also told police he had been invited to watch a movie on her couch. It was then that she began kissing him, leading to sexual contact.

A spokesperson from the school has announced that Sweet has been suspended from her duties after working at the district as a teacher for four years

If convicted, Sweet could receive a sentence of up to 40 years in prison.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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