February 11, 2008

Student Prank Goes 'Fowl' - 85 Hens Close Philadelphia School Down

Philly, Pa (The Weekly Vice) -- Faculty and staff members who arrived at Northeast High School in Philadelphia walked into a surprise this Monday morning.

They arrived for a normal day of classes only to find as many as eighty-five hens running free in the hallways of the school. Rhode Island Reds (pictured above) to be exact.

The school, which is host to some 3600 students, was forced to cancel classes for the day so it could clean up the mess. "We believe we're going to be ready for school tomorrow," said school administrators.

Investigators have not yet identified who is behind the prank, however most officials and administrators have identified the act as the school's 'senior prank' of the year.

Senior pranks usually start up this time of year (as the school year winds down), and graffiti on the walls seem to be confirming that. Philadelphia police are reviewing the school's surveillance videos in efforts to identify the vandals.

"They let them loose and spread chicken feed all over the place to keep them fat and happy, I guess," said Fernando Gallard, spokesperson for the school."

While school administrators expressed serious concern about the costs involved with the clean up and drain on resources, some of the staff couldn't resist finding some humor in the event.

Some staff considered the feathered invaders as 'cute', admitting that the pranksters had everyone laughing. One staffer noted that it [the prank] was far better than hearing about a shooting. The Weekly Vice wonders if the school janitor felt as generous.

"It was an expensive prank. There's the lost staff hours, the police hours and the cost of cleanup," Gallard said. "Whoever is apprehended will have to pay a pretty hefty fine. It's not going to be chicken scratch," he added.

The hens were 'appre-HEN-ded' and safely transported to Fox Chase Farms of Philadelphia.

Danny Vice

The Weekly Vice


Corrina said...

Wow- that's way better than what we did for our senior prank. lol

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