February 18, 2008

The Natasha Hall Story - Everyone Saw The Warning Signs, Except The Police

Deland, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- "If you keep calling 911, we'll arrest you both". That was the last message 17 year old Natasha heard from police before she was murdered, according to Natasha's mother.

Natasha Hall was a 17 year old junior at DeLand High School. Her boyfriend Clay Kufner was a DeLand graduate who was preparing to enter the Air Force. They had a rocky relationship that Natasha was attempting to bring to a close when she broke up with Clay in the fall of 2007.

Cheri Hall, Natasha's mother said her daughter had been trying to break up with Clay for the past few months. "She was trying to let Clay down easily," Cheri lamented.

But Clay wouldn't accept it. His Mustang was a regular fixture in front of the Hall's residence and his calls were unending. If he wasn't invited in, he threatened to beat the door down. If he wasn't told where Natasha was going, he tried to follow her. According to friends and neighbors, he was a controlling, jealous young man who wouldn't take no for an answer.

Natasha's Mom began calling police for help in the late summer of 2007. She reported his stalking behavior, hoping it might deter him. She called again in November - advising police that the possessive man was beating on their door and threatening them. Another call went out in December. The Halls reported that Clay had beaten Natasha up, but didn't file charges.

A short time after, a police report was finally filed when Clay physically restrained Natasha after she refused to agree to his demands. This did not stop Clay. It only made him more abusive.

The new year, brought more abuse - which increasingly became more physical. In late January Clay punched Natasha, and yes, the police were called again.

When Clay arrived again at the Hall's door, beating on the door, Natasha was afraid and called police one more time, never knowing it would be her last. She was told that if she called one more time, she would be arrested.

A series of police reports from the DeLand Police Department indicate there were nine incidents of harassment involving Clay between November of 2007 and February 13th. At no time did the police ever arrest him.

Friday, the day after Valentines day, Clay broke into the Hall's house when no one was home, filtering through the house for evidence of another boy in Natasha's life. He found what he was looking for, evidence that Natasha truly was trying to move on. Clay snapped.

He parked his familiar Mustang down the street and awaited Natasha's return to the house. He watched as she went into the house and waited for her to come back out. Her friend had come with her, and the two had planned to go back out. Clay stopped them on the porch to confront Natasha.

Neighbors report hearing an argument break out on the front porch of Natasha's house. They didn't think much of it, because they knew who Clay was. They knew the couple's stormy history. They knew his temper. That all changed when the sound of a gunshot echoed through the neighborhood.

Clay had shot Natasha in the head, as he screamed at Natasha's friend to leave. She did. Clay pointed the gun again at Natasha and shot again. He turned the gun on himself and shot again. Florida police found both youth on Natasha's porch, marinated in a pool of blood. There was no longer a need to arrest either of them, as the police had promised.

Clay's MySpace Page
Natasha's MySpace Page

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Corrina said...

Wow... What a horrible ending to a horrible story.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad story:( The police guys sucked.

Anonymous said...

Deland Police department and 911 operators, you disgust me! That little girl's family helps pay your salary. 9 incidents and not once was there an arrest!! Not to mention threatening a victim so they will not seek help from you. If you do not want to be civil servants, find other work, I know plenty of cops in my city who would have been glad to put that scum behind bars. This child's blood is on your hands! If she were my daughter I would have tried to take legal action so that all responsible parties lost their positions. To the family, I am a father and I want to say that I am so sorry for your loss. I know it has been about 5 years now so you may not see this but you will forever be in my prayers. Something like this should never happen again! It has moved me to tears. God bless Natasha and all who loved her. EDWARD

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