February 12, 2008

Natalie Cooper - The Tic Tac Teen Who Lives On Mints

Kent, England (The Weekly Vice) -- Natalie Cooper is an average 17 year old girl in most every respect, except one. She has a unique illness that has baffled doctors for years. Anything she eats, comes right back up. It doesn't matter whether she likes it, hates it or desperately needs it. If it's solid, she cannot keep it down.

Well, there is one item she seems to hold down, and it's the only thing she's found over the course of many years of experimentation. What one would consider an after dinner treat, has become the only thing Natalie can eat (and I know I'm beginning to rhyme). Enter the ordinary Tic Tac.

For reasons beyond what doctors can understand, Tic Tacs are the only thing Natalie's stomach will accept.

Yes, you're right, no person can live on a mint - which is why Natalie's doctors treat her with a Protein and vitamin rich formula she takes through a feeding tube.

Could it be a psychological adversity? Doctors can't say. Part of the mystery is that Natalie has absolutely no problems eating the food. "I like eating everything you'd expect," she explains. "I really like chocolate cake, I just can't leave it alone," she admits.

Natalie's discovery that her stomach would make an exception for Tic Tacs came after considerable experimentation. She began by trying mints after her meals. When those were semi-tolerable, she reduced the size and found success with the Tic Tac sized mint.

"I went from Trebor Extra Strong Mints to Polos and ended up with Tic Tacs. They give me a bit of energy, but I eat them mostly to get rid of the hunger. It's a psychological effect," she says.

Natalie - and her parents - plan to consult more specialist, to try to unravel the mystery behind her illness. Their goal is to find a break through of some kind before she leaves to attend University.

Natalie has remarkably overcome her adversities by working to maintain a healthy weight - something that's very difficult for a young person to do. For her efforts, she was recently rewarded for her achievements at the 'Kent Try Angle Awards' at Margate Winter Gardens. photo credit Kent Online

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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thatgirl1984 said...

Hi There-

I actually had the same problem and I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Do you have contact information for this girl?

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie My name is Dottie, My daughter Stacie is 29 yrs. old. She has been diagnosed with irratiable(spelling?) bowel, chrohn's disease, and like you, could not hold her food down!! She lost down to 70 lbs. as well !! Just a few months ago the doctors said she has a very rare stomach disease, Mesateric(spelling?) Artery Disease!! She got a feeding tube put into small intestines and a drainage tube in stomach to remove excess stomch acids, that was causing constant nausea and vomiting!!! She has suffering with this for about 5 yrs. or more but got much worse this past year. Was accused of being belimic(spelling?),but I knew that was not the case!! Since her surgery 2 months ago she has gained 15 pounds and NO MORE VOMITING. Besides the feeding tube she can also slowly add eating FOOD by Mouth. Check into this disease and best of luck

Ben said...

Man, she'd have great breath if it wasn't for all the throwing up.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a faggot

Anonymous said...

I have a penis 8===>

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