January 17, 2008

Farmington Junior High Students Trade Nude Pictures Via Cell Phone

Farmington, UT (The Weekly Vice) -- Police are investigating Farmington Junior High School students who were recently caught trading nude pictures of themselves with other students via their cell phones. The discovery included images of 13 and 14 year old students exposing their genitals to each other along with other nude shots.

Police were contacted when a concerned parent reportedly found sexually explicit photos on her child's cell phone according to Lt. Shane Whitacker of the Farmington Police Dept. This is the third time students have been caught exchanging the images.

School officials, who are also investigating the incident, speculate there may be 8 or 9 students who participated in the exchange, but have brought disciplinary action against just 3 of the students thus far. The district has refused to disclose what actions were taken.

Christopher Williams, a spokesman for the district claims the Junior High took action because "their behavior intruded on other student's learning process." he added "The district allows cell phones, but confiscates them when they are used inappropriately."

The Weekly Vice Reaction:

The Vice believes that part of the problem here starts with a school who really teeters on the edge of getting themselves sued. Obviously this is an ongoing problem at the school, and the reason for that may be found in the district spokesman's comments.

The district's chief concern is that the photos might be disruptive to the learning process. What? Distribution of pornography, child pornography at that, didn't register as the major concern? What about the illegality of a minor possessing and distributing the nude imagery? Does this mean students are free to distribute nude photos to one another during their lunch hour? Of course not, right? How would you know this from the knocky-kneed response from the school?

Our problem is not so much with the students in the case. Whether it's spin the bottle, truth or dare or cell phone photos, teenagers will always figure out ways to satisfy their curiosity. But the rubber ruler attempts of the district to take the issue seriously sends a strong message about what it finds moderately acceptable off the record, so long as a teacher isn't interrupted in class.

The Weekly Vice located the district's Internet safety information statement which included almost nothing about what the district does NOT allow within it's walls. The statement basically explains why the Internet is so prevalent among students. It then goes on to teach the reader the proper shorthand that students often use to text message each other through instant messaging and phone texting. This should help crack down on student text messaging during a class, eh?

Thumbs down to the defeatist, student whipped district who has seemed to have glossed over the age factor here.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

What is your opinion on this story?


Mavrick1168 said...

eventually phones will be banned from school. This is just the beginning. Phones can have video now too.

RoCkMeRiTe said...

13 is a little young for kids phones to go unmonitored like that. And the parents pay the bill without asking any questions?

And this is the 3rd time?

Where are the parents?

Anonymous said...

Wow. You know, you're right. I never thought of tying this into Internet policy. Cell phones utilize a wireless networking protocol which would allow them to treat wireless transmissions on school grounds the same way.

With all of the rapes, suicides, stalking, bullying and everything else going on with kids on Myspace, facebook, etc....you'd think the schools would do something more than encourage and glorify it's usage..

Obviously the school is trying to be more of a buddy here than it is a policy maker... But this is a safety related issue and a legal issue... The schools can't really afford to look at it as a social issue or a learning issue.

Bad move on their part. I hope they sued until they start taking it more seriously.

RBC (sorry I don't have a google acct)

Beckylou4you said...

I don't think this will end any time soon.

Happy4550 said...

suppressed teens often are the ones that push the envelope most. This doesn't surprise me one bit.

techfun said...

Your post seemed to breeze right bast one of the main points that jumped out at me.

This is UTAH. This is a state that requires couples to be 18 to marry without parental consent, but Utah has laws in place where, with parent and court approval, kids can marry at FIFTEEN. So, if you think of these kids as a year or two away from 'marrying age' the school's reaction is less weird.

The law states that marriage at the age f 18 years and above does not require parental consent. For those aged 16-17, parental consent is necessary. For those 15 years old, the following requirements must be met: Parental consent must be obtained. Approval from Juvenile Court is necessary. The court must conclude that the marriage is voluntary and in the best interests of the minor.

Carly said...

Hey, i go to FJH, its not as bad As people make it sound. You can't have your cell phone out until the bell rings for AFTER school. and they will take it away if they see it anytime before school and while school in session.


Danny Vice said...

Hey Lindsey,

I just wanted to point out that in writing the article, we really found nothing unusually so much with the pic trading itself.

Adults sometimes forget the truth or dare and 'in the closet' games they played with they too were 14 or so.

The most compelling part of the story I believe was the starched underwear response that came from the school, who should get things settled down in the school instead of playing footsie under the table with the issue.

It just brings unwanted embarrassment to the school - which bleeds over into everything else the school and it's clubs do.

Should the visiting football team cheerleaders chant... we have pics, yes we do, we have pics, how bout you?

But thanks for adding an update... it appears perhaps they are trying to get things cooled down there.

I'm glad you dropped by to share.


Anonymous said...

im a student currently at f.j.h. and it was my freinds who were sending the pics. they all are 15 and the school defintly over reacted. i mean i got a scratch on my finger and i had to spend the rest of the day in in-school-suppension and their excuse for it was" your not allowed to bleed any more". the kids that were doing it should have just had their hands slaped and got their phones taken, not expelled. if anybody should go it the vice priciple geizler he thinks hes a tough guy and pick on kids, he took my unopened drink away and started drinking it and sent me to the office, THANKS very much

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Anon, but most kids (and legally I was one until a couple of years ago) should be smarter than to get caught using their phones when they know they'll be confiscated. But upon reaching 18... wow all I can say is get a personal bank account and you are pretty much free as a bird with all you naughty (or even less than legal) purchases.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was in the same grade as the kids who were sending porn at FJH. The school administration did absolutly nothing about the pictures. In fact, the asststant principal, Mr. Geisler was giving the studens candy when they were in the office with the police! The administration is so messed up that when a kid who weighed twice as much as me assaulted me with a hammer in class, the administration suspended me after I got back from the hospital! The kid was put into in school suspension for two days! While I was fully suspended for three weeks! And the school pressed charges against ME! Even though the court came to the conclusion that the other kid acted completly on his own, with no aggrivation from me! That's just a very small glimpse on how messed up the FJH administration is!

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